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CP Rewritten: Dot “Most Likely” for Noir Party

Dot is most likely going to be the mascot who visits for the Noir Party planned for next month, the Club Penguin Rewritten team have revealed.

Most likely, the mascot will be Dot for the [Noir] Party

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

Update – 27th February: Dot is now confirmed to visit for the Noir Party

The team haven’t ruled out other mascots yet, and there was some previous talk about considerations of Jet Pack Guy visiting, but it seems like Dot will almost certainly be making some appearances for the event! This likely will be news welcomed by many penguins, especially since it’s been almost a year since she was last on the island.

You can find a lot more about Dot, including details of her prior visits, on the tracker here! When new information is revealed about the Noir Party though, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    Awesome follow up! She was my next guess, as the second catalog image reminded me of Dot’s first background. Maybe Herbert is being reserved for Storm, should that ever come to fruition.

  • SpiderPeep the profin

    YAY! A chance to meet Dot! πŸ™‚ Is Dot her agent/code name or her actually penguin name? Cuz, gary/ gary the gadget guy is called G, im not sure about jet pack guy, and i also not sure about rookie….i have a joke with my sister supersama, it goes like this “I be the rookie and u be the profin(pronounce:pro-fin)” supersama (i not gonna say her real name even tho it weird lol) is da rookie, and i am the profin. I always ask her when i bring it up, “Y do u wanna be the rookie when rookie is stupid/dumb?” (this is a reference to CPR is u haven’t already noticed ..) and she always responds to me ” Because u r the profin!” and i always question “but what is a profin?!?!?” and she always just says, ” a profin” i always keep asking and getting the same answer so then i give up. reading this u r probably wondering from what do we get the word “profin” from? Well, u see, there is this medicine called “Ibuprofen” and i made a joke by calling it “i be profin” (even tho it same way to pronounce) and ya ..

    • Torres 126

      Dot is her actual penguin name, as is the case with Rookie and Jet Pack Guy! In regards to the mascots’ epithets, in a similar way as to how Gary is referred to as “Gary the Gadget Guy”, Dot is referred to as “Dot the Disguise Gal”.

      That’s a cool pun by the way!

    • Torres 126

      I’d need to see the background to be sure, but it’s possible that it was a background which you could obtain without meeting the Penguin Band that just happened to feature them. This was the case with the Band Background, which was awarded for completing the Instrument Hunt in 2017 rather than meeting a mascot.

  • actualpenguin

    hey TORRES126 thank you for keeping update and i hope you are safe from the pandemic and i wanted o say thak you and stay safe.
    -real life penguin like actual penguins are typing this. LOL (^_^)

  • Anonymous

    YAYYYY ! When u said [Torres,] noir party intro,I said then itself abt Dot.Now hear she comes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I have a few questions.

    1) Why has she come so few times ? WIll it be the same for this party ?
    2) Since she is a mistress of disguise, does she disguise herself ?
    3) You have written about “Unpopular servers”.Since only 5 servers are there currently will she visit all of those ?

    • Torres 126


      1) It’s mainly, although not entirely, because there’s not really many events which relate to her. I’m sure she’ll make plenty of visits during the Noir Party.
      2) She doesn’t disguise herself for visits, no – it’s still very clear when she’s in the room, and there’s some pictures of her visiting on the tracker.
      3) It’s difficult to assume which servers she will visit.

  • Anonymous

    Torres when will KLUTZY come out ? Actually,my first log in was when he had is 2nd or 3rd visit. Due to being brand new,I simply could not understand why people were chasing after a crab.[LOL] After that,I found your site and I found out that the crab was apparently very extreme and a villain.That made me even more confused to why people were chasing a crab who was a villain and started getting mad when the villain is “gone”.Finally,I understood he was a mascot.After that,I have always kept keen eyes and have caught RH in 2020 and AA this yr.Im waiting for today’s RH visit to get his new BG.But I still want Klutzy ’cause he was my first mascot and I definitely cannot forget that crab.So when is he coming ?

    Sorry for the lengthy comment and backstory.

    • Torres 126

      Wow, I can imagine the confusion you must’ve experienced when you initially joined and saw the chaos over Klutzy! In regards to when he’ll next visit, that’s not entirely known yet. He’s considered an “Extreme” mascot, which typically means he won’t visit for too many events, and given that he was on the island quite recently, it looks unlikely that he’ll be appearing in the immediate future. The team are still hoping to do an EPF operation (“Operation Swarm”) eventually, and it’s likely he could visit for that, but that’s still a long while away.

  • Anonymous

    Torres your tracker is not helping.It shows Ski Village when he is in Ski Lodge and 10 mins later when he is in Docks it shows something else ? What should I do ?

    • Torres 126

      You should refresh the page! I’ve checked the logs and it showed he was in the Ski Village for under three minutes before heading to the Ski Lodge, so I don’t think that the 10 minutes claim is accurate unless you didn’t refresh.

      • Anonymous

        I had kept on 2 minute refresh.However,even when I manually refreshed it was not showing where he was until I refreshed so much.No,the 10 minute thing is like when he was in ski village it still showed beach,then in ski lodge it showed village,when he came back to village lodge, etc.

        • Torres 126

          The tracker should display the location within a few milliseconds/seconds after refreshing; it shouldn’t be 10 minutes. This is an interesting report – thank you for letting me know, but I’m assuming this is a one-off issue that can’t be reproduced.

          It can take a few seconds for the room to be updated, but it shouldn’t have been minutes long (and certainly not 10 minutes), but the logs seems to suggest everything was functioning as it was supposed to. The tracker did convey that Rockhopper went on this route: Beach -> Ski Village -> Ski Lodge -> Ski Village -> Dock

  • Anonymous

    I finally got RH.My prev comment was abt ur trackers,and it was not helpful this time.I hope this is fixed.Thank you in advance.Still,Torres,for the first part it helped like mad.After tht the tracker lost the quality or something

    • Torres 126

      I’m glad you managed to meet him! I’ve investigated what you said about the tracker, and it just doesn’t seem to be the case that it was stuck for ten minutes on displaying a specific room unless you weren’t refreshing.

  • imjammy

    omg i cant wait for dot to will be incredible if dot and jet pack guy both visit. i also really really want to meet u torres cause u helped me so much to meet all the mascots i have met and u are just like a mascot to me

  • Anonymous

    winter camo jetpack? I us ejetpac from the party cpr had with jet pack guy, i got the tamp for him but not the backround. I came as soon he was leavig lol rip.

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