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CP Rewritten: No Puffle Party this Year

It’s generally considered a tradition for the Puffle Party to occur each year, as it has always previously been an annual event. However, the Club Penguin Rewritten team confirmed last night that the event won’t be occurring this year.

This is largely because puffles haven’t been implemented into the game yet, so the team felt it’d be a little bizarre to hold a party related to them; they also said that it’d be “too late” to hold the event later in the year, since it typically occurs around February.

The team did say that there could “maybe” be an opportunity for PH to appear at some point this year, but this isn’t confirmed. However, I recognise that the Puffle Party is a popular event so I just wanted to share this news for those who were looking for information about it!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • vincent

    Do you think that there will be another Island Adventure party sometime this year? or maybe next year because they said that everything should be finished my the end of the year and so they have more time to make things that you can interact with and a story line like Festival Of Fruits.

  • Cpr fan

    yeah is sad pricipaly for who never was on puflle party but not much to miss i play since start of cpr and is aways the same thing evry puflle one room and a new puflle ph visits

  • Anonymous

    Awww, I was hoping to make it this year! I joined the Disney Club Penguin during this party and thought the Puffle decor was what it normally looked like XD. It was going to be a very big event for me and I was hoping to get some items back since the Disney thingy got shut down. I am still a little confused on what happened to the original Club Penguin. Do you mind telling me what happened Torres? Thank you so much! (it’s fine if you prefer not to!)

  • SpiderPeep #1 CPM FAN!!!!

    Me on my first time reading this= disappointed 😔 +SERIOUSLY!!!! THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CHANCE TO MEET P.H! OMG!!!!!!!!!>:(
    Me rereading my comment= 😐 I over react to much =_= 😑

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