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CP Rewritten: Dance Contest & Jet Pack Adventure Released

Both Jet Pack Adventure and Dance Contest can now be played on Club Penguin Rewritten! It’s worth noting that there might be a couple of bugs since they haven’t yet been converted to HTML5, a more modern technology. Furthermore, the multiplayer aspect of Dance Contest hasn’t been implemented yet – that will occur when the conversion to HTML5 has completed.

The team also revealed that the focus on April will be on Sled Racing, along with puffles, and there’s already been some good progress made in developing it. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Most welcome news, thank you, Torres! I’ve been worried about my dwindling supply of coins, but now one of my favourite games is back! 😀 The ‘combo’ number that stays on top of the arrows hurts my eyes though, bottom-right corner would have been a more unobrusive place to put it. (last part not directed at you, just venting my thoughts here)

  • Cpr fan

    😡😡😡sorry for the mad emotes when i was tryng meet jpg i keeped witing for almost 2 hours watching youtube then i discovered my game was glitched was like only apeared what i chat and coldent go other rooms then i need wait 1100people to meet him when i was close to enter my mom maked me leave the game😢😩😞the good point is i will have other chances my fear is that that this other chances to meet him will be on class well i hope they dont

  • Cpr fan

    i think i know why bean counters is not priorty beacause thats one minigame that dont have stamps and is solo sled race to dont have but is a coperative minigame so thats why and april fools easter and maybe the penguin play awards coming next

    • Torres 126

      They’ll all be converted to HTML5 eventually, but some mini-games (eg. Bean Counters) don’t work very well with Ruffle currently so won’t be implemented until the HTML5 conversion has been complete.

  • penguin5470

    It is so cool priority for April is Sled Racing and Puffles! Sled Racing is my favorite mini-game and I love Puffles!

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