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CP Rewritten: Gary’s Eclipse Giveaway

View Gary Tracker here

Gary has begun visiting for the Festival of Lights! Although he’s only made one visit so far on the server Marshmallow, he will be making plenty more until the party ends next week. The team have stated that there won’t be any scheduled visits, and all of his appearances will be spontaneous, so I’d recommend keeping an eye on the tracker for his location.

It should be noted that Gary is visiting with a new background for this event, titled Gary’s Eclipse Giveaway. This hasn’t been available before, but it features some of the lanterns from the Festival of Lights, alongside the night sky attributed to this event.

If you haven’t met Gary yet, don’t worry! He’ll be making plenty of visits still, and I’d recommend checking the Gary Tracker for the best chance of meeting him.

Good luck!

-Torres 126


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