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CP Rewritten: Holiday Cookies Pin

There’s been a lot of murmurings about the Holiday Cookies Pin lately, so I thought it would be helpful to make a quick post clarifying how this can be obtained. There isn’t a notice informing you that you’ve received it, but you’ll automatically collect it by transforming into either a Frostbite, Reindeer Puffle or Race Car.

For those unaware how to do that, you basically just need to go to Santa’s Workshop from the Mine Shack and waddle to the jar at the bottom left of the room, but you can also find a full guide here.

This is one of three pins which can be obtained at the moment, with the first being the Coins for Change 2021 Pin (obtainable by donating any amount of coins) and the second being the Gingerbread Man Pin at the Pizza Parlor. I hope that this clears up some confusion which has been lurking!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • SpookBat

    The frost penguin has a slide-y walk animation (for him to walk on ice looks cool; Herbert doing the same in the cornfield looked extremely weird) and lots of icicles for both wave and dance (pity “dance” doesn’t loop or stay iced up like, say, one of vampire versions stayed a “snow angel” once he dropped down).

    The race-car “drives” around. Although lacking dedicated dance/wave animations, it looks like a cool red cannon when shooting snowballs from its nose and the usual penguin-dancing sequence makes for a fun “you put your left wheel in, you put your left wheel out, you put your whole self in and you shake the boot about” dance πŸ˜€

    The puffle bounces around like a real puffle. Its “wave” is a bounce, too. Its “dance”, however, is probably buggy – it puts a Rudolph nose on for just a fraction of a second, hard to even see, though from what I remember it should light up the nose and stay that way.

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