Aunt Arctic’s Adventures

We’ve got a whole list tutorials with videos and steps to help you complete all of Aunt Arctic’s Adventures on Club Penguin Island! We strive on creating quality content which is why we record our own videos and write steps.

For each challenge you complete, you will get some rewards but you can only complete them once! Tap a name to view that tutorial!

Chapter 1 – Bright Ideas:

*Episode 1 cannot be shown as you are unable to repeat it

Episode 2: Rock the Volcano

Episode 3: Hatching a Plan

Episode 4: Mirror Mirror

Episode 5: Enlightenment

Chapter 2 – Shocking Secrets:

Episode 1: Machine Malfunctions

Episode 2: Point of View

Episode 3: Dot’s Disguises

Episode 4: Icy Inflation

Episode 5: Gathering Storm

Episode 6: Hot Bottle

Episode 7: Double Click

Episode 8: System Defender

Episode 9: Burying Treasure

Episode 10: Skyberg Assault

I’d like to give a huge thanks to MysteriousAeon for supplying the videos for Chapter 2. Hopefully these guides will help you and you will like them! Waddle on!