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CP Rewritten Times: Issue #32 (18th October)

A brand new edition of the Club Penguin Times has been published, containing details on the Halloween igloo contest and the Anniversary Party this month, as well as much more!

For the best experience and to see all the igloo contest rules, I reccommend reading the paper online, but I will try and summarise all the information which was revealed in this new edition!

The information revealed in this paper was that:

  • The Halloween igloo contest is on until the 25th of October
  • To enter, click the yellow igloo button in your igloo, but you cannot change your igloo after this. 10 people will win an exclusive igloo as well as 25,000 coins. 20 runner-ups will receive 25,000 coins!
  • Winners will be announced on October 31st
  • The Anniversary Party starts at the Coffee Shop from October 22nd to October 24th
  • There will be a new rare party hat, but the colours have not been revealed yet
  • Halloween hits the island on October 25th, along with a new pin!

A new Stage play and the storm has already hit the island, so be sure to check those out! I am so excited for Halloween! Good luck in the igloo contest everyone, thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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