CP Rewritten: Night of the Living Sled Play

A new play has started showing at the Stage on Club Penguin Rewritten, the Night of the Living Sled! This famous production is now a play on a spooky, noir set, but the film may be broadcasted soon!

NOTE: Though this is a post from 2017 (and now 2019!), the same information applies to 2018 🙂

As with every new Stage play, there is a new catalog! I believe that these are the only three items in this catalog and that there aren’t any other hidden secrets. These are the Sled Costume and the Rad Scientist costume!

Be sure to check out the Stage this month to collect some cool items and enjoy the play during the rain! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

4 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Night of the Living Sled Play

  1. Okay so I’ve always been curious. If you act out the whole play with a friend or something, do you get the Penguin Play Award or how do you get the award and/or background?
    Was it just a special party?
    – Caleb3011

    • Hi! Sadly, you don’t get any special prizes for acting out a play. The Penguin Play Award was available during the Penguin Play Awards in February this year. It currently can’t be obtained. 😦

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