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CP Rewritten: Waddle On Party – FULL GUIDE

Club Penguin Rewritten has closed down, waddle on. 

The Waddle on Party, Club Penguin Rewritten’s final event, has begun on the island and will last until March 4th, 21:00 GMT where the game will close down. It’s an amazing and memorable party, though it’s devastating that this will be the last one.

Several mascots will likely visit the island until Sunday, with Rory being confirmed to visit. You can view all the manual mascot trackers here.

The first item which you can collect is the iconic Alumni Jacket, which is available in the Town for free. It’s just by the entrance to the Snow Forts.

Whilst this jacket doesn’t have numbers on the back due to the game only being around a year old, it is an extremely special item which was given out at the classic CP Waddle on Party too, so I’m really glad to see it on the island.

The last ever pin has also been hidden at the Snow Forts and it is the Club Penguin Rewritten Pin. It’s completely custom and it is the game’s logo with a tour guide, and it is very fitting to the party.

To obtain it, simply click the pin and then click “Yes”. It will then be added to your inventory and to your player card.

For the Boombox, head to the Night Club and take the stairs to the Dance Lounge. On the left, you will see an elevator, which you can click to be taken to the Rooftop.

By the speakers, you will then find the Boombox, which also has a really cool action when you dance with it, wearing only this hand item. This room is also amazingly decorated, so I’m glad the team brought it back.

The next free item which you can obtain is Cadence’s Autograph, which is a background. It is available at the Night Club, as when you go there on any server, you will find Cadence standing by DJ3K.

Whilst Cadence won’t give out a stamp or talk to you, if you click her, you will receive her background.

This isn’t the only background which you can receive! If you head to the Dock, you will find all four members of the Penguin Band playing.

Once again, you can’t get their stamp and they won’t talk to you, but if you click them, you will be able to receive the Penguin Band’s Penguin Play Awards background. I think this was an extremely cool touch which I absolutely love.

If you head to the Beach, you will find that the Migrator has also docked, with Rockhopper bringing some rare items for the final time. These can be obtained in Store, however you need a key to get to it. The key is located on the final page of Captain Rockhopper’s Journal, which can be at the shelf in the Book Room.

There are four really cool clothing items and two other furniture items! The Puffle Bandana is free, however you can also buy the Scallywag Rags, The Rascal, the Castaway Face Paint, the Tropical Palm and the Wall Map.

There is, however, one last really special part of this party. The Iceberg can be tipped, and beneath it is the Party Hat, also known as the Beta Hat.

To help tip the Iceberg, wear only a helmet and dance when on the Iceberg. You may also need to wear the colour dark blue, but with enough people, the Iceberg will tip!

This was also the first tipped Iceberg of the party on Blizzard

Located by the speakers is the actual Club Penguin Beta Hat, which can be obtained by simply clicking it then clicking “Yes”. I’m actually really surprised, and also very happy, by this addition.

There is also another incredibly cool part of this party, which is very memorable. On the tipped Iceberg, just like on classic Club Penguin, there is a board with some quotes.

It contains a rotation of four quotes, one from the Club Penguin team, two from the co-founders of Club Penguin, and the final one from Polo Field, the former community manage of Club Penguin.

This really is memorable and quite saddening, just like on classic Club Penguin, but is it such a special thing to add.

Several rooms have also been decorated and transformed, and the island looks absolutely beautiful. My personal favourite new room is the Cove, however many players also love the Coffee Shop! I also really like the Snow Forts due to the community mosaic.

It’s really hard to grasp that this will truly be the last ever party of Club Penguin Rewritten, but the team have done an excellent job with this event. I will forever miss the game, but let’s make the next few days some of the best ones yet!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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