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CP Rewritten: Island Adventure Construction & Migrator

View Rockhopper tracker here

Avast! The Migrator has docked on Club Penguin Rewritten at the Beach, and construction for the Island Adventure Party which starts later this month has also begun!

If you head over to the Beach, you’ll find lots of plants, as well as have the opportunity to enter the Migrator (which is also filled with plants).

If you’ve not already obtained the key, head to the Book Room and read the “Journal of Captain Rockhopper”. You will find the key on the last page so you can explore all the Migrator.

In the store of the Migrator too, a new selection of Rockhopper’s Rare Items is now available! There is one free background, the Overgrown Ship Background, and three other furniture items for sale.

Also, Rockhopper is confirmed to be visiting the island whilst his ship is docked. You can check the tracker here but along with this, Lataus (a staff member) just confirmed the details about his visit.

He confirmed that that Rockhopper is as equally likely to visit at any point of his time docked.

Good luck meeting Rockhopper! I’m really excited for the Island Adventure Party later this month, thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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