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CP Rewritten: Huge Rockhopper’s Quest Sneak Peek

Rockhopper’s Quest, mixed with the Island Adventure Party, will begin this week (Thursday) on Club Penguin Rewritten! 🛶

Although the event is still a few days away, the team have released an amazing sneak peek in the form of a video, exploring some of the party!

Some of the most notable things include:

  • Amazing room decorations, as you can see in the video
  • Ability to set sail, and other things similar to the Club Penguin version
  • New emotes
  • Potentially new outfits
  • It seems, and this is not confirmed, that the iconic Treasure Hunt game could make an appearance
Could this be Treasure Hunt?

For the best experience, I would suggest watching the video as it looks fantastic! I’m super excited for the party which begins on Thursday, thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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