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Club Penguin Rewritten: Penguin Games – FULL GUIDE

This party is now over

The Penguin Games is on now at Club Penguin Rewritten, and it’s filled with prizes, items, events, activities and more! This post will offer a full guide to the event, sharing everything which there is to do!

Rory and Rookie are confirmed to visit for the Penguin Games, and we are tracking them both here.


Firstly, let’s start with the pin which is the Football Pin located at the Plaza, just outside the Pizza Parlour and to the left of the marathon track.

A party catalog can be seen by clicking the bottom right of your screen in most areas, and whilst there are several pages, there are no secrets.

You can also get the Team Red and Team Blue Face Paint by clicking the face paint pallet at the Coffee Shop for red and the Pizza Parlor for blue. You can get both regardless of which team you are on.

You’ll find plenty more items in the Great Snow Race and a medal from the Penguin Games, but there’s also a code which can be redeemed by going to “Unlock Items Online” on the servers page. The code is REDVSBLUE1.

You’ll receive these two backgrounds when you redeem the code, regardless of which team you are on, that you can wear at anytime!

The Penguin Games

1. The Marathon – You need to go to the Ski Village to start this. The main thing is that it is essential you stand by all the lights whilst being on the track in order otherwise you can’t finish the race.

  • Ski Village – 2 lights
  • Beach – 3 lights
  • Dock – 4 lights
  • Town – 2 lights
  • Snow Forts – 5 lights
  • Forest – 3 lights
  • Cove – 3 lights + the ending

2. Three Lap Race – Head to the Iceberg and start at the chequered flag at the top. When you run, make sure you stand by each of the three lights on the track and cross the chequered flag, else it will not count as a lap. You need to do three laps.

3. Freestyle Swimming Event – Head to the Underground Pool and swim five laps, ensuring you stand by the light at the end and at the start for it to count as a lap

Completing all three of these in order will allow you to click the top right of your screen, “Collect Prize” and then receive a Gold Medal for free!

Great Snow Race

If you head to the Ski Village, and then enter the small path at the top, you’ll find yourself on a completely separate quest: the Great Snow Race.

A catalog with no hidden items is located here, and you’ll also find the Chilly Trek Hat for free in a box near the supplies booth.

Grab your items if you wish and head to the next section, which is quite complicated. It’s a puzzle, and the aim is to lower the icicles. If you did it last year, you can just click the red button.

Sadly, the puzzle is different for everybody, so I can’t really explain how to do it as it would be different for you.

You’ll then be brought to this room here. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click the stick on the bottom left five times
  2. Click the axe ten times
  3. Throw snowballs at the icicles on the top
  4. Proceed to the next room

Fun fact: If you click the icicles on the bottom right and you position yourself correctly, you can get to the Base Camp instead.

You’ll then reach the Tallest Mountain. From here, you can get a green helmet for free, or perhaps even start an Extreme Sled Race. You’ll also receive the Mountaineer stamp! Talking about Sled Racing…

Sled Racing

The new Sled Racing leaderboard has been implemented at the Ski Hill, and it’s based on how many coins you win. One coin is equivalent to one point, and it resets every week (meaning it will stay after the party too).

There is a prize for being 1st place on the leaderboard, which is the Sled Racing Medal Pin. There isn’t a postcard though.

Here is how the pin for being first place looks like:

You may remember that there were going to be some new game stamps. These were for Sled Racing but they are delayed, and will not be releasing today. There’ll be some more information on that in the next paper.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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