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CP Rewritten: July 2019 Penguin Style Secrets

A new Penguin Style has been released on Club Penguin Rewritten, filled with lots of items themed around the upcoming Medieval Party!

View all Penguin Style secrets here

In this post, I will be sharing all the secrets (or cheats) inside the catalog! A red circle and blue arrow represents that a secret is hidden there and the image next to it is the item which you can get by clicking there. Apologies for the poor quality with this.

Page one contains several secrets: the Royal Scepter, the Royal Robe, the Red Doublet and the King’s Crown.

Page two contains the Plated Shoes, the Viking Helmet and the Dragon Costume. As always, you can click the location of the Viking Helmet three times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

However, page two also offers something a little different. You can click the location of the Viking Helmet 10 times for the Gold Viking Helmet, which isn’t something you can usually do.

Page three contains a further four secrets: the Court Jester Hat and Outfit, and the Regal and Regal Damsel Dress.

Whilst it is possible that an item could’ve been missed, this post will be updated immediately if it is incorrect. For now, I am fairly certain that these are all the secrets! I hope that this guide helped, thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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