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Club Penguin Rewritten: Summer Luau Guide

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The Summer Luau, along with the Summer Games, is currently ongoing on Club Penguin Rewritten from now until September 5th! This post will provide a guide to the party, including the items and some of the amazing rooms to check out.

It does seem contextually likely that a mascot will visit for this party, but no indication has been given yet on if this is the case. 🐙


A significant part of this party is that there are four free items scattered around the island. Here are their locations:

  • Plaza: Ice Cream Apron (next to the Ice Cream Hut)
  • Cove: Inflatable Duck (next to the buoy)
  • Beach: Seashell Belt (in a big box in the middle)
  • Coffee Shop: Yellow Snorkel (hover over the treasure chest at the bottom right)

If you’re looking for the pin, which is currently the Watermelon Pin, that’s located at the Boiler Room, but click here for some more detailed information regarding that.

Stadium Games

You may remember that the recent newspaper mentioned the Stadium Games, and that has indeed been brought to the island!

You’ll find that the Stadium is decorated for these games. There’s three different events, but I should clarify, these are purely for fun where you can compete against other penguins. That means there are no rewards.

Update: The team have added the Stunt Penguin stamp. To earn it, complete the 100 meter waddle by lighting up all lights.

Inflatable Whale

There’s a lot of really well-decorated rooms in this party, with my personal favourites being the Pizza Parlor and the Ski Village. However, I’m aware that not everyone will be familiar with the Inflatable Whale.

It’s been at parties before but it’s a pretty cool room! In order to access it, head to the Iceberg and click the big blue thing on the left side.

You’ll then be taken to the Inflatable Whale! That pretty much concludes what this party has to offer, thank you very much for reading and I hope that this guide helped!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Caleb3011

    Just the heads up that you can receive the “Obstacle Course” pin for doing the race at the Stadium. 😉

      • Trevchris007

        To achieve Stunt Penguin, go to the stadium and run the obstacle course. Make sure all the lights illuminate. You can actually obtain it by proxy, but it’s more fun to get it yourself. Snack Shack is also available. It probably works at any stand, but try the one at The Plaza first. Hope that helps. And as always, thanks for all you do.

  • Villan

    Do not forget the water hose you can grab and spray around with in pretty much every room of the game. Not sure what use there is out of it, but you can splash water around your screen! Lol.

    – Villan

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