CP Rewritten: Winter Party 2019 Guide


The Winter Party has taken over Club Penguin Rewritten until December 5th, and the island is filled with snowy statues and some wonderful winter music! ❄️

Rory is confirmed to visit for this party, you can find his tracker here.

The atmosphere of this party is amazing, but in terms of a guide, there isn’t really too much to cover. There is one free item available though, which is the Snowflake T-Shirt.

You can find it at the bottom right of the Plaza.

Don’t forget that there’s also a new pin – you can find it’s location here! Other than that, there’s pretty much it, however there are lots of beautiful statues across the island.

All these statues have been made by members of the community! You can click the plaque for the original drawing.

Other than that, the other significant thing is the Snow Forts battle! You can stand on the panels at the bottom of the room to join a team. From there, hide behind a fort and throw snowballs at the other!

Some bits of the fort can also be damaged.

As you can tell, this is a fairly small event in terms of activities, but it’s still a cool one, I’d definitely recommend checking out the Night Club!

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

8 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Winter Party 2019 Guide

  1. Bummed that Field Ops are monthly now. I hope we will get more than 5 medals for completing them. You might want to mention the ice rink and new Snow and Sports catalog. You can grab white pom-poms by clicking “Ice” in Ice Skating. Regarding stamps: Hockey Team is available, and possibly Snack Shack.

  2. The team will not let us down after all. Looks like we’ll be getting 25 medals for completing monthly Field Ops. Can’t wait to land more gear.


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