CP Rewritten: Field Ops now Monthly

Unfortunately, it has now been confirmed that Field Ops on Club Penguin Rewritten have been reduced from a new one being available each week to now being a monthly event.

The team did provide an explanation on the reasoning for the change.

Field Ops were changed to monthly because it was very difficult to work on them on a weekly basis. Also, we have limited resources that we are able to use for them, as a lot of the Field Op files are old and broken.

-Lataus, Club Penguin Rewritten moderator

For the guide to the ongoing Field-Op, click here. Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126

6 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Field Ops now Monthly

  1. Will the number of medals that we get for each field op remain 5? Or will the value of each field op increase, since it will only be once a month?

  2. Gary sent a message saying that penguins will get 5x more medals: “We’re doing this to reward you for assisting in serious missions.” Sounds very fair. Possibly meaning the field ops missions will be slightly harder and longer.

  3. in the December field-op, I went to the plaza where the previous one was, and got the medals for completing it. is this some sort of bug?

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