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CP Rewritten: Igloo Likes Leaderboard Consideration

Some of you may remember from a few months ago where quite a lot of excitement was around for improvements to igloos, including a multiple igloo option!

However, there hasn’t been too many updates to igloos recently, so I thought it’d be worth sharing this new information given earlier today by the Club Penguin Rewritten team.

It reveals that there will be a shift in focus to igloos “very soon”, and also that there were many considerations involved that made implementing a leaderboard for igloo likes difficult.

I think when igloos were our main focus for a bit, we were very scared on the igloo likes option and thought about having it reset like the leaderboard does, to make it fair, etc.

Right now, we have other things we’re focusing on and it’s exciting, but we’ll definitely go back to igloos very soon!

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

I’ll definitely let you know as more is revealed regarding igloos; some of the changes made towards the end of last year (eg. the “no igloo” option) were wonderful, as shared in this month’s interview!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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