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CP Rewritten: DJ Maxx & Gary to visit for Halloween

Both mascots for the Halloween Party on Club Penguin Rewritten later this month have been confirmed! Just like in 2017, both Gary and DJ Maxx will be visiting for the event.

It’s possible that DJ Maxx could also be returning with his Halloween Giveaway, as that hasn’t been available for two years. As always, you can find their trackers with lots of information about them here:

Good luck meeting them!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    By the look on the picture of Herbert with the Director’s (Aunt Arctic) picture, is iit telling me that we’re probably having “Operation Blackout”?

  • greenysiddie

    Hey torres126,
    Its been announced that there will be a meet up. I am very much eager to participate. But i have a doubt in that.
    PST means ” Penguin Standard Time ” or ” Pacific Time “?
    Please clarify me!

    • Torres 126

      Yes, this has been a matter of confusion for a long time and one which I’ve struggled to get my head around before. The meet-up is at 10am Penguin Standard Time, which is 11am Pacific Time.

      If it makes it easier, that’s 6pm GMT.

  • PrototypeMax

    Hi Torres!

    There is a problem that as I live in India there is a % and a half our difference between the UK and India so can you by any chance make a blog post that DJ Maxx or Gary i online as I have the worst luck I usually miss them by few minutes and I get upset that I could’ve catched them and though my tracker is on and I have 400+MBPS wifi and the tracker is on it doesnt show until I reload it and by that time they’ve left…

    Have a positive day! πŸ™‚

    • Torres 126

      Hi! Writing a new post wouldn’t help with that issue; you need to reload the site for new posts to appear, and there’d be a little banner on the top right of the site to inform you that a mascot is online regardless. However, you’re correct about the necessity of reloading the tracker for the location to be updated. The tracker’s auto-refresh feature (currently disabled since I’m working on improving it, but it should be back soon!) ought to help with that. Just to reassure you though, Internet speed shouldn’t make a difference! Best of luck meeting DJ Maxx & Gary! πŸ™‚

  • SuperSama

    This might just be for me, but when I press Login for when I already have a penguin, it tells me to put in my penguin name and password. I click on remember me and remember my password, but it isn’t. The next time I go on, it doesn’t show my penguin’s profile, it shows the areas where I put in my penguin name and password. Do you think you can help me?

  • SuperSama

    Oh Torres, I don’t know if you can do anything about this, but every time a mascot comes, penguins stay in the same room as the mascot even if they have the stamp and the background, and it is so annoying to everybody that wants to get the stamp and background. If you can’t find a way to make this not a problem, can you find someone else who can? I would very much appreciate it, and so would every single penguin who is always trying to get mascots, but is failing because of all the other penguins. Thank you.

    • Torres 126

      I’m afraid that many penguins enjoy spending time with mascots, and there’s nothing anybody can do about that – you’ll just need to try and position yourself in a room that’s emptier which the mascot is still likely to visit, or try to access it early! Good luck! πŸ™‚

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