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CP Rewritten: Sensei Hinted to Visit on October 24th

View Sensei tracker here

The Anniversary Party will be occurring for one day on October 24th, and yesterday, it was confirmed that mascots would be appearing at the event. Subsequent to that announcement, it’s been hinted that Sensei will be making an appearance on that date.

The hint was given through emojis which the team shared: the Tea and the Ninja one. Both of those are heavily associated with Sensei, and the team also added the date “October 24th”.

🍵 🥷…October 24th

-Club Penguin Rewritten team hint

It’s therefore pretty reasonable to assume that Sensei will be making an appearance on October 24th for the first time in a year! You can find his tracker here.

Good luck meeting him!

-Torres 126


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