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CP Rewritten: Halloween Sneak Peek – Ski Village

Another sneak peek has been released regarding the Halloween Party on Club Penguin Rewritten! This time, the image shared features the Ski Village; you can see a couple of leaves, the back of a mini-stage, and a couple of pumpkins!

One of those pumpkins even resembles Jet Pack Guy, which likely is intended to foreshadow an Elite Penguin Force event in November…

In addition to returning some classic rooms such as the Haunted Mansion, the team confirmed their intention for some “custom” (new) rooms, describing this as their “main goal” for the party.

There’s no precise date for the event to start other than the last week of October, so the party will definitely be available soon! I’ll be sure to keep you updated about any new sneak peeks.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • vincent

    this Halloween event will be so much fun! also, did you say jet pack guy will visit in November and herbert? that’s going to be so much drama! i like it!

  • Anonymous

    Weee the pumpkin that looks like JPG is so cute! I still question what EPF event will arrive? Operation Puffle? Operation Hot Sauce? Who knows? πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    What if they made an “Operation Iceberg”:P It’s kind of like if Gary, Dot & JPG got kidnapped by Herbert that built his lair in the ocean which is totally waterproof & we, agents, have to go down their & do tasks under there. There might be a maze for us to encounter, & this will take forever to find the right way. The Iceberg is gone & there, we find a secret entrance to sneak in. We have Rookie’s submarine (poorly built, but waterproof [a clothing item]) so we might be able to go through the water. Then we capture Klutzy & used the Crab Translator 3000 to question him. Then he had no choice but to help us (while stuck in a cage) build a invention to become invisible XD. Then we find Herbert (we are in a vent :P), in his lab with Gary. Dot & JPG (stuck in a huge water tank) planning to brainwash them & use them as his henchman, until we, agents, throw a snowball 10x just to break the tank, run awaaaay back to our (poorly built) submarine, & we are done! (Don’t forget about free items everyday)

    (Not a stolen idea, this is my masterpiece XD)

    • Torres 126

      I would love to see a whole ocean expedition as part of an EPF operation! That seems to combine a few parties together, which would be absolutely lovely. Nice idea! πŸ™‚

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