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CP Rewritten: Operation Swarm – Map Sneak Peek

There’s been some silence lately about Operation Swarm, although it’s still scheduled to begin at some point in November. However, the Club Penguin Rewritten team have now confirmed that development is still ongoing, and they’ve even released a second sneak peek!

This new sneak peek focuses on the map for Operation Swarm.

I think there’s two things of interest worth noting:

  • It appears the island will still retain dimmer lighting for the event
  • There’s a mysterious building at the top left next to the Ski Village – could this be Herbert’s base?

It’ll be interesting to see what’s being planned, especially as Operation Swarm will begin soon! Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Blake

    Hey! Why are the Snow forts BELOW the town when they’re really supposed to be beside it? Also, It looks like the forest is right next to the Forest! Also Also, It looks like Herbert is building his so called “base”(though it could be something )else kind of behind the Ski Hill! Also Also Also, I don’t think it would be his base because he’s nowhere near the boiler room! (which the 2 only entrances are in Plaza going through the underground pool or going through the hidden ladder in the speaker inside the Night Club)! The trees may be from the rainstorm! (they came out of nowhere and are everywhere including the Ski Village right outside the epf)

    • Torres 126

      Nice spot with the Snow Forts – I’m not sure! It’s unclear where Herbert could be building his base – it’d make sense if he was doing something near the Boiler Room, but he may not be…

  • SpiderPeep

    After I saw this i ended up in snow forts and thought to myself “May be the clock tower will be broken just like the PSA mission,Clock work repairs. Even tho it an EPF party, It seems just to be an agent party, so it is a possibility, right?” What do u think Torres?

  • SpiderPeep

    whats the server u go on most often ( ur fav server if u have 1) cuz honestly, i wanna see ur iggy and meet u. can u screen shot what ur iggy looks like? o and btw, my fav server is marshmallow!! I hope i see u in game and if i do i will dependently tell u! and if u see me and i dont see u, u can just sent a friend request on ur own! My penguins name is the same name i comment on, SpiderPeep. Basically im saying my penguin name is SpiderPeep, no numbers just SpiderPeep. Can’t wait to see u in-game Torres!

    • Torres 126

      I don’t really have a favourite server and there’s no specific one that I make an active to go on most regularly! I’ll try to send a screenshot of my igloo soon, but it really is a mess. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Hey torres, you should probably work on the “How to Become an EPF Agent” post, what with the whole ” Operation Swarm” thing going on… and you should resume your project on making a Club Penguin Mountains App. Those are 2 ideas of things you could work on during your free time.

    • Torres 126

      Hi! Noted about the EPF agent post! I’d love to make an app one day, but my technical ability for that currently is far too limited. I did make some investigations into it during the lockdown where I had a ton of free time, but I made no real development. πŸ™

  • Jack

    I think another thing that is interesting is the positions of the rooms. The snow forts is directly below town instead of directly to the right of it (when looking at the map) and the ski village is also directly above. There also seems to be some sort of small pond or lake on the left side of the Town. Probably nothing major but still interesting nonetheless.

  • mikey

    i say dont do epf party just do christmas party arady parties are always delayed or at the end of month or in the next month i just want xmas best time

  • mikey

    looks like water around the town and it shows town under ski village and it has snow forts under town i think things are gonna start drifting around like the town at the mine i think herberts plane is to swarm around the places in club penguin like what if everyday a place moves they prob move around because the water and that building next to ski hill is prob a sawrming machine to move places threw water

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