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CP Rewritten: Operation Swarm Workings Details

Earlier today, it was suggested that Operation Swarm may not be releasing this month as initially planned. However, as a result of this, the team have shared now a couple of details about the party in order to build up anticipation!

They described in pretty good detail, without spoiling anything, how the party will work in terms of being able to select just one side.

Here’s a little rundown without spoiling (but hyping up) things:

Fighting will give you a chance to take down Herbert, this will lead you through several tasks during the days of the party until it is over.

Giving up, you will experience a unique event which includes another experience for the duration of the party. This is also based on the storyline. You may also somewhat get half of the experience that you will when you are fighting, but only by so much. I would recommend doing both on different accounts.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten

Probably the most notable piece of information is that there will be several tasks that will last for the duration of the party (a week), and that the experience for siding against Herbert might be diminished though unique.

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Trevchris007

    Thanks for the update. Can you please find out if different items will be given for each option? I don’t mind a unique experience, but if a player cannot obtain all available items simply because of the side he chooses, then, I dunno, something’s amiss.

  • Anonymous

    Ugh the problem is I want both but one side might get other items as the other! Even with an alt account, its frustrating but so exciting! Although the Festival Of Fruit teams got same items…

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres, I’ve currently been experiencing a glitch in CPR… I normally play in the 20 minute break between my classes, and my classes lasts 30 min, but the problem is that during that time the “Your penguin was idle for 10 minutes, so you were disconnected” message normally appears, but now the message doesn’t pop up and I can still move, dance, and chat, but whenever I open my map, or go somewhere it stays loading, and all the penguins are frozen…

  • mikey

    torres become a good guy not bad guy also can u hit me up with a alt acc for party so i can see what its like to be bady guy team?

  • Pengui4557

    This is a tough choice. I really want to choose Give Up so that Herbert can finally get his revenge on my penguin for foiling his plans for over 10 years. But maybe I should choose Fight and keep helping the EPF. Gaaah this is so hard! Mind control is my favorite villain trope and I was disappointed by the use of it in Operation Puffle where puffles just stole coins for him. Like he could’ve used them to attack penguins and take down the EPF. I really hope that if we choose give up, we get to fight against the EPF. Whichever one I choose on my main, I’m surely gonna use my second account to experience the other choice. I am soooo hyped for this Operation and I hope its as dark or perhaps darker than Blackout.

    • Torres 126

      It’s definitely an exciting one, and already seemingly dark, Operation! Mind control definitely is a fun one which creators can do a lot with – I thought Operation Puffle was pretty unique, but it’ll be interesting to see how this one differs.

  • SpookBat

    OK, that’s just not fair. During Halloween we could be ghosts or zombies or turn back to plain penguins at will. Why can’t we have a malfunctioning mind control device that lets us do both fight for and against Herbert?

    I can totally see the bear’s point – being cold is nasty. And I do see that him succeeding at being a dictator is not good for any of the sides. I want to help both sides and negotiate a win-win. Also, Klutzy is COOL, I want to play with him – and, being a loyal EPF-er, collect info for Agents, too… An intermittent malfunction would explain being on both sides at-relatively-once.

    I can’t upkeep multiple accounts (and, hey, in most games multiple accounts are such a big no-no, I’d feel weird multi-accounting!) Neither do want to create multiple penguins and ditch them afterwards – really, is a penguin my CPR “face” or a throwaway?! I take care of my personas as I can.

    I wanna be a dirty turncoat double-crosser at the event! How do we ask for that?

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