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CP Rewritten: Party Catalog at the Holiday Party

December is always an exciting month to obtain items: there’ll be a new Penguin Style edition this weekend, and then the Advent Calendar will start offering gifts from December 14th! However, it also seems that there will be a catalog where penguins will be able to buy items at the Holiday Party.

I can try and add [the White Puffle Pullover] into the party catalog for the Holiday Party.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

I thought that the more interesting story was the confirmation of the party catalog being present, but for those curious, this is the White Puffle Pullover being referenced!

It’s not confirmed to be included, but as you can guess from that statement above, it probably will be! Thank you very much for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Yay, cutest pullover! A question about the codes though, why would they put them on discord but not on the ‘what’s new?’ blog? I was excited to watch that blog at first, but it seems ‘penguin of the week’ is its sole function. If it wasn’t for club penguin mountains, I wouldn’t have a clue about why the ‘weekly’ newspaper was taking so long, or that there was a treasure and items code, despite regularly checking the ‘community’ link from the main website. Seems very strange to restrict all this information to only those who happen to know the right third-party website, or are able and willing to give discord a phone number in order to be able to make an account there. You wouldn’t happen to know why all the sneak peaks, codes, delays etc. are announced in far away places, but not on the ‘what’s new?’ blog that’s visible to anybody?

    • Torres 126

      I’ve always wondered this myself; I used to spend a lot of time requesting greater transparency with the wider community, and I did receive some commitments in the past, none of which ended up happening sadly. I suppose that part of it relates to it just being easier to make an announcement elsewhere and the official blog being more of an afterthought. But I appreciate that leaves it to people like me to try and gather the information and share it with everyone else. 🙂

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