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CP Rewritten: Klutzy Weekend Meet-Up Times

View Klutzy tracker here

Generally, mascots appear randomly on Club Penguin Rewritten, and the tracker informs you when they’re online and where they are. However, the team are trying something new for Klutzy’s visits this month. Although he’s made several “random” visits, there’s going to be two scheduled ones.

First Klutzy meet-up:

  • Date: Saturday 19th December 2020
  • Server: Crystal
  • Time: 4am PST (midday GMT)

Second Klutzy meet-up:

  • Date: Sunday 20th December 2020
  • Server: Mammoth
  • Time: 12pm PST (8pm GMT)

In truth, the servers are probably going to be incredibly packed for both of these meet-ups, and it’ll likely be extremely difficult to meet Klutzy without logging in a significant time in advance. The tracker should help alleviate some of these worries by sharing whenever else Klutzy is online, so be sure to check that here!

Good luck meeting him!

-Torres 126


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