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CP Rewritten: New Client – Common Questions

I’ve been reading everyone’s comments and messages this week, and there’s been lots of questions about the new Club Penguin Rewritten client! I thought that it’d be easiest to answer them all in a single post.

I can’t seem to log on!

It’s worth noting that this is the beta period, and so the game is frequently down for maintenance, so you might just want to try logging on later. The “Penguin is already online” error is being worked on as a matter of priority. I’m afraid that I don’t have a solution for it.

Password resets were fixed today, so you can reset your password as normal now.

Where are puffles and most mini-games?

Puffles haven’t been added at all yet, but when they are, you’ll still have your ones which you had from last year. If you’re seeing a puffle in-game, it’s probably Flare, who is the EPF puffle which can be accessed from your inventory. However, players who were holding a puffle when the transition period started in December can continue to do so.

Several mini-games are missing; the most popular ones are being developed as a priority, and that includes Card Jitsu & Pizzatron 3000.

What are the main known bugs?

There’s definitely a variety of bugs which the team are working on, and if you’ve discovered one, it’s best to contact them (you can email them) about it rather than leaving a comment here as this is just a fan-blog. But to give you an idea about the main bugs being worked on:

  • “Penguin is already online” error
  • Stuck in an infinite loading loop
  • Special dances aren’t behaving as normal
  • Funky chat bugs & text input on login when using mobile
  • Issues with mini-games (especially Ice Fishing)
  • Issues with igloos (mainly relating to Igloo Locations)
  • Some items don’t appear on the playercard properly
  • Joining room issues

As always, I’ll continue to try and answer questions in the comments, but I hope that helps clear up the most common ones which I’m seeing!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

(By the way, I’m going to stop referring to the new client as the “HTML5 client” as much going forward; at some point, it’s necessary just to refer it to as just “Club Penguin Rewritten”! That means the “HTML5 version” category might be a little less useful now that #CPR2020 has concluded.)


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