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CP Rewritten: Easter Egg Hunt “Very Soon”

Happy Easter! Last month, it was announced that an Easter Egg Hunt was being planned, and that there’d be an igloo reward for completing it. You can find more about that, including see the igloo, in this post here. The team have now provided some further information, saying that this will still occur “very soon”, although not necessarily before Easter ends today.

We’re working on something for [Easter], but I don’t know if it’ll be [ready by then] though. It will be very soon.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

The team also shared this very small sneak peek which features some of the eggs that will form part of the Easter Egg Hunt.

When it does begin, you’ll be able to find a guide to the event here! In the meantime, the Easter Egg Hunt which I was holding has now concluded, and you can see the winner to that here. Thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    I was looking at ur 2020 and 2021 april fools’ pranks. I honestly felt that 2020 one was real,but 2021, honestly it made me wonder about the copyrights and stuff[I know 2020 was a little similar too,but I did not use that logic then],I honestly am FLABBERGASTED at your work……do you spend 364/365 days planning for this and on the special day[i.e. april 1st or 365/366 day] u post the post ?

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