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CP Rewritten: Developer Statement on Prehistoric Party

As you may be aware, yesterday the team announced that the Club Penguin Rewritten administration had warned their developer that if the Prehistoric Party was not complete by the end of today, they would scrap it. As part of that message, the team had said that they instructed the developer to make a statement addressing “why it’s taken so long and the status of it”.

Given this, I just wanted to share the statement which Gravix (the game’s developer) has now released.

It’s been taking a while to get ready since I was travelling in the past two weeks. This was a difficult party because I had to export all the dinosaur transformations, create the transformation system (which forced me to rethink parts of the old player code), export and create the interface, quests, do the server side, and finish up all 13 rooms. It could’ve been done a lot earlier if I wasn’t out of my state.

It won’t be cancelled if I can finish by tomorrow.

-Gravix, Club Penguin Rewritten developer (23rd June 2021)

It should be stressed that the Prehistoric Party has not been scrapped yet, but whether or not it will go ahead remains unclear and will likely depend on how much development is concluded today. Once more is revealed, I’ll be sure to let you know, and hopefully there’s some good news related to this soon!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


    • Anonymous

      I agree, they threw him under a bus. He’s working with a legacy system that’s been semi ported into a completely different environment. While most of the assets already exist, he’s one man doing the job of a whole team and under bad management. Club Penguin (original) had over 30 non administrative staff, excluding artists would still be a significant team. Let’s all hope Gravix is on at least six figures, because that’s the sort of job he’s doing for CPR.

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