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CP Rewritten: Consideration Underway on Scrapping Prehistoric Party

The Club Penguin Rewritten team are considering scrapping the Prehistoric Party after frustrations with the game’s developer regarding slow progress. Although a final decision is yet to be made, the administrators of the game want to have it completed “around” tomorrow else they believe that it should be scrapped.

I’m going to get Gravix [game’s developer] to write up information on why it’s taken so long and the status of it. Thorn and I said that if it isn’t done by around Thursday, it should be scrapped as it is making the schedule messy, so you’ll learn more soon.

It’s just the User Interface [to do] now, but we told him [Gravix] that if things aren’t done by Thursday then we don’t want to see it in-game.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

It seems that this dispute between the game’s administration and development over the progress over the Prehistoric Party may sadly result in it not releasing at all; the administration also “doubted” that it’d be possible to release the party without the changes which still need to be implemented by the game’s developer.

This is unfortunate news and I know that many people will be disappointed by it. There’ll be more information this week though, so I hope that it at least brings some certainty as the party has been delayed by a month now.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Spork737

    This party was a sign of better parties to come, like before HTML5, with the time traveling. without it, I feel the staff is sadly falling to pieces and the game is falling apart 🙁 Given how gutted the Mountain Expo was, I’m not gonna be surprised if the Festival of Fruit, Music Jam, and Fair are barely even decorated. I get the team is trying, but at the end of the day, maybe they learned to keep our expectations low so we can be pleasantly surprised when a party happens within a week of its original starting date and has more than 6 decorated rooms.

  • Anonymous

    They should just announce parties when they’re sure they’re going to happen instead of getting everyone’s hopes up. That’s just my two cents worth though.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just the User Interface [to do] now, but we told him [Gravix] that if things aren’t done by Thursday then we don’t want to see it in-game.

    It’s pretty obvious to any outsider with even a hint of how management works that CPR has awful administration/managers. Their development pipeline is all over the place and they make public announcements like this that single out developers/employees. In any self-respecting business (and let’s face it, CPR isn’t exactly strapped for cash seeing as they are fully monetized now) this is indicative of toxic culture that spreads top-down. Although we as players have minimal influence in the management decisions, we can identify and bring light to the faults, and hope management wises up in the future.

  • MeiMeiPengy

    I wonder if they should have taken more of a break or something after the switch to html-5. It seems like they’re under a lot of pressure nowadays and I hope it’s not causing volatility within their administration I guess. I like to think/hope everything is alright but sometimes when I see their posts about another delay or something it just… let’s say the stress is palpable. I hope they try not to take it out on eachother. Maybe they should hire more staff or something.

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