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CP Rewritten: Prehistoric Party Set to Begin Today

Earlier in the week, there was some doubt as to whether the Prehistoric Party would actually occur as a result of the delays to it, and the administration announced that they had warned the game’s developer it would have to be completed by the end of yesterday.

Fortunately, this deadline has been fulfilled, and the Prehistoric Party is set to begin today! It’ll be a party which lasts for a week, and it’ll end up on July 4th. The team also released a small sneak peek of the login screen for the event, and confirmed that Dino Dig will not be included but there will be a small egg hunt.

It seems like the initial theory that the public announcement earlier in the week was merely intended to put pressure on increasing the pace of development was probably correct, but I know that many will be keen to hear that the Prehistoric Party will actually be going ahead!

Be sure to check back later today for a guide to the event once it has begun!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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