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Club Penguin Rewritten: Prehistoric Party – Full Guide

The Prehistoric Party has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten until July 4th! It offers the ability to go back into time, collect Dino Eggs, and transform into dinosaurs. This post will provide a complete guide to the event, including showing where all the eggs are located across the island. Gary will also be visiting for this event with a new background! You can view his tracker here.

When the event begins, you’ll be directed to the Time Trekker, although you’ll also be able to access this from the Snow Forts for the duration of the event. Simply waddle through the portal on the right in order to enter the prehistoric world!

The main objective here is to find all the Dino Eggs. In the guide for this below, I’m going to be using the official name of each room for the event. Since they’re all party-exclusive rooms and you probably won’t be familiar with them, here’s a map showing the name of each room and where its located!

All you need to do to collect a Dino Egg is simply click it. Here are their locations:

  1. Blue Triceratops Egg: Big Water Palace – just above a small cave located at the bottom right of the room
  2. Purple Triceratops Egg: Stony Town – inside the nest at the top of the room, near the Dino Egg icon on the top right of your screen
  3. Blue Pteranodon Egg: Tree Palace – towards the bottom left of the room, next to the map
  4. Orange Triceratops Egg: Tricera Town – located inside a plant by the entrance to the Yum Yum
  5. Blue T-Rex Egg: Tricera Town – located at the bottom of the room, to the right of the downwards path
  6. Red Triceratops Egg: Yuck Swamps – behind the sign on the right of the room
  7. Green T-Rex Egg: Tyranno Town – located at the bottom right of the room, by the catalog icon
  8. Yellow Pteranodon Egg: Scary Ice – inside a nest just above the sign located at the middle
  9. Brown Pteranodon Egg: Ptero Town – inside a nest at the top right of the room
  10. Red Pteranodon Egg: Hunting Spot – inside a pit in the middle of the room, to the left of the river
  11. Red T-Rex Egg: Hunting Spot – located at the bottom left of the room inside the pit there
  12. Black T-Rex Egg: Dino Nests – inside the leaves at the bottom left of the room

Once you’ve found all the eggs, you can redeem a free body item by clicking the Dino Egg icon at the top right of your screen! However, the most exciting thing you can do with each egg you find is transform into a dinosaur.

You can do that from this same dialogue by clicking each egg, as each egg will allow you to transform into a different type of dinosaur, and simply clicking the “Transform” button. Since there are twelve eggs you can find, there are twelve different types of dinosaurs which it’s possible to become for this event!

Each dinosaur has various actions, but pressing D (usually used to dance) will allow your dinosaur to roar! You can also transform back to an ordinary penguin at anytime by clicking the button which appears on your playercard. The flying dinosaurs are also really cool because they allow you to fly up on buildings.

It’s worth noting you can move as a dinosaur on the normal island too.

There’s also a couple of furniture prizes which you can obtain by roaring in different rooms. If you do this five times, it’ll be possible to obtain all the furniture items from the Prehistoric Party’s map. The rooms which you need to do this in are:

  • Big Water Place
  • Tree Palace
  • Tyranno Town
  • Hunting Spot
  • Scary Ice

You can obtain each item as many times as you’d like for free.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that there’s a catalog in the bottom right of the room which contains a couple more prehistoric items. There’s no secrets in them though! You can also redeem the code BETAHAT2021 to unlock the Prehistoric Beta Hat.

Although it’ll also be possible to collect Gary’s new background when he starts visiting, that concludes the guide for now! I hope that it helped, and thank you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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