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CP Rewritten: Soccer Pitch Location to be Released

A brand new Igloo Location will be included later in the month when the new Better Igloos and Furniture Catalog is available: the Soccer Pitch! This is an Igloo Location as opposed to just an igloo, so it’ll technically also be possible to place some flooring over the grass if you’re not keen on it.

This location hasn’t been released yet on the island, but you can see an image of it below!

Alongside the new Igloo Location, the team revealed one more sneak peek about an upcoming furniture item. This might look familiar to you because some concept sketches were shown a while back, but the completed artwork of the Herbert Plush has also been shared. It’ll be introduced alongside a normal grizzly bear in the near future.

There’s no exact date announced yet as to when the new Furniture Catalog will be available, but hopefully it’ll be very soon! Once it has been released, be sure to check back for all of the secrets and information regarding it.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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