Thank you for a million views! (Giveaway)

Hey everyone,

Reaching 300 views was awesome, 10 thousand was surprising, 100K was incredibly amazing, 500K was fantastically phenomenal, but one million?! I cannot thank you all enough, and no words can describe my appreciation, since just a few seconds ago, Club Penguin Mountains reached a million views!Β πŸŽ‰

I am so grateful on how far this little hobby of mine has come, and I honestly just want to say thank you, to both the teams who have behind the games I blog about andΒ youΒ for reading and supporting this blog.

In celebration, Club Penguin Mountains is hosting another merchandise giveaway! I’ve not done one of these in a few months, so I’m very excited, and this one is the biggest yet!

Here’s what’s on offer for one lucky winner, and you can see the quality based of the image below:

  • The Party Starts Now CDΒ (new)
  • EPF Case – ideal for the DS (loose)
  • EPF StylusΒ (loose)
  • 5X Random Mix-n-Match mini-figures
  • Posters from the Club Penguin magazine
  • Variety of Card Jitsu cards (loose)
  • Stickers
  • Mystery item…

So here’s what you need to do! There are six pictures here, each from a different room on Club Penguin Rewritten (none of them are rooms from parties). Can you guess which room they are from?Β 

In order to participate, please complete the following form:

Penguin Name:Β Required in order to announce who wins the giveaway (+1 entry)
Email: Required to contact the winner – emails also allow me to completely delete the address once the prize has been received, unlike social media
Country of Residence:Β Sadly, there are a few countries which cannot participate in this giveaway, due to their postage laws. However, please be aware that there are only a few countries in which this applies, and it has never been an issue before! Postage is free regardless of which country you live in.
Names of rooms:Β Simply type out the name of the room from which each of the pictures are from (+1 entry for each correct answer)

When participating in this giveaway, please have your parents’ permission if you’re a minor, as this is a giveaway for physical items. Although we cannot guarantee that the item will arrive, proof of postage will be sent to the winner to show it was posted, and any issues with the postal service will tried to be dealt with in the most reasonable way, but this has never been an issue in my previous merchandise giveaways. Please also only enter once per address (so please don’t enter twice, even as a sibling!), and ensure you agree with our Privacy Policy.

Above all though, it’s just a bit of fun! Each room you answer correctly will give you an increased chance of winning, and the giveaway will close onΒ Tuesday 31st July, 1am PST.Β 

The giveaway is now over – the results/answers can be viewed here.

Best of luck, and thank you very much for your continued support! This milestone honestly means a lot to me, and I am really grateful. πŸ™‚

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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