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CP Rewritten: Pirate Themed Paper Tomorrow

Newspapers on Club Penguin Rewritten tend to be released on a Wednesday, however this week’s is releasing tomorrow instead. This is due to there being a fancy new pirate design!

This is what the team revealed:

The newspaper is party themed, that’s why it’s releasing tomorrow, it’ll be worth the wait and read.

It’ll look like it fits in with the pirate theme of things, that’s for sure

stu, administrator for Club Penguin Rewritten

Along with this, the team gave a bit more information about the sneak peek which was released last night in the form of a video. If you haven’t already, you can view it here!

stu said this, and it definitely seems to be the case! I highlighted some of the things I noticed, including a new emote and potentially new outfits, as well as (hopefully) Treasure Hunt!

This party in particular has been worked on by us behind the scenes for a month or more, a lot of hard work been put into it

Trailer shows more than just the party rooms, it shows a few cool things

stu, administrator for Club Penguin Rewritten

The party starts tomorrow, and the newspaper will be revealed tomorrow, and I’m super excited for it! I haven’t been so excited in a while! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    gary won’ t visit again because the construction ends today, remeber to focus on rockhopper, i think he will have a new back ground with plants this time

    • Torres 126

      You are probably right, I think he will have that background too! I’m still going to be keeping the Gary tracker going though as there is a fair chance he could visit for Rockhopper’s Quest or the EPF construction too, but it definitely won’t be at the expense of the Rockhopper tracker. 🙂

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