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Club Penguin Rewritten: Medieval Party 2020 – FULL GUIDE

The Medieval Party is available now on Club Penguin Rewritten until August 6th, filled with wonderful room designs and music! This post will provide a complete guide to everything at the party, including defeating the Dragon Queen and Scorn – the two dragons whose shadow is on the island.

Gary is confirmed to visit for the party and you can view a tracker for him here.

Guide to the guide:

For week two of this event, including details on how to access the School and the Sky Kingdom to obtain the Skyward Staff, click here.


Whilst there currently aren’t any free items scattered across the island, there are several items which can be obtained during this party!

Firstly, the pin is the Scorn Crest and can be found on the table at the Boiler Room. You need to click the pot above the “Pin Maker 3000” and wait a bit for the pin to be sculpted. There is an extra pin mentioned below though!

Furthermore, you can find the Squire Outfit for free at the top right of the Stadium!

There is also a catalog, which can be accessed by clicking the bottom right of your screen in many of the main exterior rooms, such as the Town.

It contains no secrets.


All the quests for this party are accessible from the Underground Pool, which can be accessed from both the Boiler Room and the Mine.

Whilst you may have already completed the three Ye Knight’s Quests in a previous Medieval Party, there are a few items to collect along the way.

I’ve already done the Ye Knight’s Quests, skip to the Dragon Quest guide

Ye Knight’s Quests

Quest One (I):

The first section is fairly simple. Simply stand on all the platforms which light up the orbs, and once you have done all five, the gate will open.

At the second challenge, you can obtain a Staff and Shield for free by clicking the box at the right of the room then clicking “Yes”.

To complete this challenge, throw fifty snowballs at the red and white targets! I would advise in doing it fairly slowly, otherwise the server could kick you automatically for spam, but this shouldn’t take too long!

In the third and final section, there is a maze. The first thing which you can do is collect the Iron Helmet in the first room, but then follow this pattern to complete the maze:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

You will earn a stamp for completing this (though you may already have it) and you will also be able to obtain the Knight’s Armour for free.

Quest Two (II):

The quest will start in a lava room, but if you completed this in a previous Medieval Party, you can just walk straight through as the game will remember you did this.

If you did not, throw three snowballs as quickly as possible (press “T” on your keyboard to throw a snowball) and each of the four flames. They are located in the corners of your screen.

For part two, if you’ve already completed this at the Medieval Party 2017, simply click the red button to proceed. If not, complete the puzzle by trying to get the key to the slot. Do this by going:

  1. Right
  2. Down
  3. Right
  4. Up
  5. Left
  6. Up
  7. Left
  8. Down
  9. Right

I am not certain if you will get the same puzzle as I did, but you probably will!

On the way to the third challenge of this quest, you can obtain a White Noble Horse item for free by clicking the chest and then clicking “Yes”.

In the next room, there will be a dragon! Here’s how to defeat it:

  1. Throw snowballs into the top of the barrel until it is full
  2. Throw snowballs at the dragon if it is about to blow fire
  3. When the green button starts flashing red, click it

Do this three times to defeat the dragon!

As a reward, you will be brought to a room with the Toothbrush Pin, though you may already have it.

Along with this, you can take Dragon’s Gold, which is a furniture item, and you can obtain up to 99 of them.

Quest Three (III):

For the first part, sadly there is no guide which I can give you as the cups do move randomly and could be different for you.

You’ll need to watch the cups correctly and click the cup which contains the hidden marble. If you do this three times, you can proceed.

The next area contains a Golden Helmet which you can collect for free, but there also is a puzzle to proceed!

Here is how to solve it, an area is represented by the colour of button in it:

  1. Go into the red area and click the red button
  2. Go into the blue area and click the blue button
  3. Go into the yellow area and click the yellow button
  4. Go into the green area but do not click the button
  5. Proceed through the gate

You can collect another item here for free. You need to collect this item in order to complete the quest, so be sure to do so.

Okay, you will now need to defeat the Three Hydras, which can seem quite difficult! Firstly, make sure you recognise that you can only deal with the dragon in-front.

If you have a yellow dragon at the front, you want to equip the item you just obtained. Every few seconds, one of the five tiles at the bottom will glow yellow. Move to wherever that is and you will deflect the hydra’s attack.

If you have a red dragon at the front, you want to throw as many snowballs at it as possible, which will damage the hydra.

If you have the blue dragon at the front, you want to throw a snowball at the cauldron of lava flying above so that your snowball lands onto the cauldron exactly when it is above the head of the blue dragon.

The dragons will be repaired, so you may need to do this multiple times, but that is the method which will allow you to defeat each dragon!

As a reward, you will be able to obtain some Golden Armour for free by clicking the box in the bottom left of the next room, and then clicking “Yes”.

Dragon Queen & Scorn Dragon Battle

In order to battle Scorn, head to the Ski Hill and enter the door. At this room, you can find a free head item to the left.

On this mysterious bridge, you can pick up the Battle Cape for free and then continue onward in the adventure against Scorn!

There’s two dragons you need to face: the Dragon Queen and Scorn. Firstly, you’ll have to face the Dragon Queen! The aim is to click the dragon to cause it damage, but you’ll also need to dodge the attacks.

To dodge, you can click the bottom (dark bit) of the screen to move left and right. You can’t waddle around while the Dragon Queen is moving though. You’ve only got three lives for the whole thing, so be careful!

The second battle is against Scorn! In this case, the challenge isn’t to dodge Scorn’s attacks. Instead, you need to use the slingshot to hit the crystal orbs floating around. You should try to aim it so that you hit as many as possible.

You’ll get coins for doing so, but also beware Scorn breaking ground around you!

Noble Knight Stamp

As usual for Medieval Parties, the Noble Knight stamp is available by wearing a knight’s outfit. However, you need to wear the armour you find by completing the first of the Ye Knight’s Quests.

In other words, once your penguin is dressed like this, you’ll receive the stamp!


View Gary tracker here

Gary is confirmed to be visiting for the Medieval Party by stu. It is confirmed that he will have a new background.

There will be more content, including the custom room in this sneak peek, next week. Thank you very much for reading, I hope that this guide helped! Be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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