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CP Rewritten: List of Things to Expect at HTML5 Launch

The transition to HTML5 will begin at the end of this month on Club Penguin Rewritten! Earlier today, the team released a comprehensive list of the main things we can expect at launch.

  • Around 8 mini-games
  • Igloo decorating
  • Catalogs
  • Parties

A sneak peek was also released of igloo decorating on HTML5! Probably the most impressive thing about it is how smoothly it all runs, and the HTML5 version should be notably faster.

It’s quite clear that a lot will also be missing, but don’t worry! It’ll all be added in over time: the team have made clear that every mini-game will be implemented at “some point”.

The other noticeable thing missing from that list are the changes to Puffle Care, which were supposed to come with HTML5. The team have clarified that will become a priority after the initial bug fixes.

Puffles will be still in development and we hope to shift our focus on them after a few bug fixes, etc.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

Lastly, no more non-urgent bug fixes will be implemented to the Flash version given that it will be retired within a few days.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Pengwinner

    Awesome! Do you have any idea if they will alter the chat filter system? It’s really annoying when you type a completely normal sentence and it gets filtered for a mundane reason. Even if it’s just a notification of when you’re being silenced would be useful

  • ScUfFeD Boi

    Wait, so is it going to be worth it to play the html (like is there going to be field-ops)? Also, I noticed when I made a new Club Penguin Rewritten account, then logged in, it asked me for captcha. This also happened with my friend’s new account. Is this just a new thing?

    • Torres 126

      Just to be clear, you won’t have a choice about playing HTML5 if you want to continue playing Club Penguin Rewritten! But things like Field-Ops should be added over time! CAPTCHA was introduced in 2017, but the number of accounts that were asked to complete it was subsequently reduced.

      • ScUfFeD Boi

        So, what qualifies for CAPTCHA’s “bot detection”, because CAPTCHA is really inconvenient for my friend (he wants to play Club Penguin Rewritten but the CAPTCHA is blocked by his parental controls). Thanks.

        • SpookBat

          Google’s reCAPTCHA seems to better like computers with a logged-in Google account, without any cookie clearing or Javascript/advertising-removing addons. This way Google has a profile of the user’s actions on the web that looks like a human’s (guess why? :D), and is less likely to ask about it.

          Anonymisers, proxies (and parental control often contains a proxy server) tend to spell trouble in such cases. For users of the Tor “onion ring” system, where IP addresses get redirected all the time (for privacy and security of, say, war journalists – who need all leads to them scrambled up to the point of non-traceability), passing a CAPTCHA is near-impossible.

          Maybe the parent in charge can fine-tune the parental control system?

  • Riri

    you are extremely rude and unprofessional, I’m surprised you even get any people looking at these posts at all! everything you post is copied from other people, other websites, you always post something 2-3 days after it has happened, and your responses to some comments is disgusting. You have made my daughter cry multiple times. I’m never letting my kids on this ”website” again. Club Penguin is a children’s game or it used to be. You should not be allowed to have this blog.

    • Torres 126

      Hi there. I’m happy to address your concerns, but I’m afraid you’re going to need to be more specific in what you’re referring to. It simply isn’t correct to suggest that the content is copied from other websites, and posts aren’t created 2-3 days after something has happened in-game; it’s true that there can sometimes be a delay, but it’s usually because I’m busy or I need some time away. If you can cite any comments which you’re referring to, that would be incredibly helpful so I can understand your concern. I’m genuinely concerned about the claim that your daughter has been brought to tears over something on this blog, but I assure you that everything is moderated by myself before appearing live. It would be helpful if you could give some specific examples on what has caused this.

    • Penguin

      Torres is one of the nicest people in the Club Penguin Community. You don’t need to call him rude or unprofessional. If your daughter is crying, don’t let her go to this website. Torres made this blog to help people and he is the only one operating this website so some stuff could be delayed. Torres moderates every comment and Torres really cares about his viewers and he is trying to ensure to keep this website safe.

      • Torres 126

        I’m conscious that Riri’s comment appears to have generated a rather emotive response, but I just want to say that I’m grateful for the kind comments which others have written.

    • Pinguino 1

      First of all, Torres is very nice. He tries to comment on every reply. He also once showed us how his mascot trackers worked. I’ve only started playing Club Penguin Rewritten and met 2 mascots only because of his mascot tracers. His mascot trackers are very helpful and his catalog secrets page and his code pages are also very helpful.

      Second of all, Torres hosts fun events. He hosted a party this week and went in different peoples igloos for the Holiday Party which is very nice. Even though he said his screen was glitchy, he still tried to do the party. That is very nice of him. He also gave people the postcard to get the Santa springy hat during the party.

      Third of all, everybody has to copyright. If you need information, you can copy the info you want on your website. For example, if you want to say that Operation Swarm is canceled, you thought of the same sentence as the website you are looking at, you just put that sentence on you website.

      Fourth of all, You Can’t be PERFECT. that is why some of his comments are disgusting. Though he DOES try to comment on every comment. It is true that He posts things on time, but not 2-3 days late. Why? because workers and bloggers need breaks/time off. There can also be a delay as Torres 126 Said.

      fifth of all, How did Torres Make your daughter cry? why are you not letting your daughter on this website again? If it is the copying part, they one will notice. If it is the mean part, they wont care. If it is the late post one, that doesn’t matter either.

      People look at these posts because they don’t know that Torres is Copying. He might even NOT be copying.

      This is why he is allowed to have this blog. if he deletes it, 12, 000, 000 people will have no information for Club Penguin Rewritten.

  • Anonymous

    Torres, I think you do an excellent blog. I dont know how in the world it is bad or how some kid cried over it (were they really that emotionally distraught over a blog mistake that they cried?), but I use CP Mountains for CPR every time. It’s amazing, and a lot of work was put into it. Thanks!


  • Anonymous

    When we look through the telescope there is a blinking red light. What is it ?
    Also,Rockhopper is so popular !!! I went for a few visits(credits to tracker) and most of the rooms,even if Rockhopper is not there is full.Wow !!!!! I got his BG through luck though,and am satisfied πŸ˜€

    • Torres 126

      I’m glad you managed to meet Rockhopper! I think the blinking red light isn’t meant to indicate anything significant, it’s probably just a reference to Rockhopper’s Quest.

  • Yehaw

    I’ll be waiting to see what HTML5 brings us. As a beta tester, I can say that it is very smooth and that the CPR Team are doing a very good job on it!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Torres! I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate you making this blog, and I find it extremely helpful and frequent. I love how engaged you are in the blog, and never post anything rude, inappropriate, or at all unprofessional. You respond to all of the comments in record time, and always post an extra happy or positive to brighten someones day. I love how happy and caring you are in Club Penguin, and go out of your way to make a post uplifting and thorough. I just wanted to say thanks for making everyone’s world a little better!

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