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CP Rewritten: HTML5 Transition Update

I can imagine that people might be growing pretty tired of these “update” posts, and you might just be waiting for the post confirming that Club Penguin Rewritten has returned! However, sadly, there’s still a few issues until that occurs.

Update – 15th January: the team have confirmed implementation of the chat filter has been successfully completed! They have stated that there’s only “small changes” left, and have privately planned a date for release.

Last night, the team released another statement providing an update about the progress of the HTML5 transition. I’ll post the full thing, but it’s a bit long, so to summarise: although the transfer has concluded and that is the most time-consuming element, there are other changes which are blocking the release, namely implementation of the in-game chat filter.

Penguins, we understand a lot of you are still waiting for our HTML5 release. Here is what has been happening over the last few days: we have finished with the transfers – that has all been done and [is] successful. It took a while due to a lot of trial and error with the transfers.

During this time, we noticed a few issues such as some major bugs that stopped penguins with large amounts of data from entering the server; we believe to have done a quick fix to this. Our main focus right now is working on the in-game chat filter and some small little things. We hope to be done with the in-game chat filter soon. We must urge players to understand we can not release without this chat filter; it is important to release with it included.

The maintenance has allowed us to add some small things such as an option for penguins to be hidden on the search Friends List feature that is new to the HTML5 client.

There’s not really much else to say other than hopefully it’s all resolved soon! I’ll be sure to keep you updated though.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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