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CP Rewritten: “Noir Party” Being Considered

The new technology that Club Penguin Rewritten will be adopting allows for a greater variety of parties, including “custom” ones. Interestingly, the team have started confirming ideas which they’re considering, such as the Submarine Party which was also announced to be under consideration for the next party.

It’s now also been revealed that the team are considering a “Noir Party” in the future! The news was revealed by them earlier in the week.

I plan on making a Noir Party with this [room – see below] in the future

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

They also stated that we could expect to see the room above as part of any such event, which featured at the Marvel Superhero Takeover on classic Club Penguin. Seeing it adapted for another event would be fairly cool.

In regards to what the event could include, the team referred to the idea it could include “detectives”. It’d likely include elements similar to the Ruby and the Red Ruby Stage play.

I should stress that this seems to be a party in the very, very early stages of development, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen anytime soon. However, the team clearly are comfortable discussing it, so it definitely appears to be under active consideration!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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