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CP Rewritten: Plans to Return PSA Missions

Just over a year ago, the PSA missions returned to Club Penguin Rewritten for everyone, and were completely accessible. Unfortunately, with the transfer to a new technology (HTML5) this year, they’ve not been possible to play. The team have now revealed that they are hoping to return the missions using a Flash emulator.

For agents on the island, I do plan on bringing back the classic missions using Ruffle (third party Flash emulator). The changes may include making it easier for players to become PSA agents, basically making the missions more accessible.

-stu, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

The Flash emulator means that there might be some bugs since they’ve not been converted to a new technology, but it also means that they should hopefully be introduced relatively soon.

It should be stressed that the EPF and the PSA are still relatively low on the prioritisation list for HTML5 features, and it’s unlikely that either of those will be similar to how they were before anytime soon.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Evan

    Will new missions ever be made. That would be cool!! Also, I always am confused about the difference between EPF and PSA. I know that the PSA is the sister organization to the EPF but could someone elaborate for me?

    • Torres 126

      There was talk of making new missions for several years, but it’s repeatedly been put off. It’ll probably never happen. The plot from classic Club Penguin is that the EPF replaced the PSA after the PSA was destroyed by a popcorn bomb planted by Herbert in 2010!

      • Anonymous

        It’s worth noting the popcorn bomb was an IED remotely detonated via a mobile phone (spy phone). It acted as a cluster bomb designed to spread bomblets (popcorn kernels) as far as possible. Since 2008 108 countries have signed the CCM that prohibits the use, transfer, and stockpiling of cluster bombs. Club Penguin Island is not one of those countries.

        • Torres 126

          I suppose that the bomb used was not authorised by the Club Penguin state as Herbert acted against them, so them signing a treaty would have minimal significance in this regard.

      • Evan

        Okay I get it now. Such a shame because I always wanted it to happen. And I was hoping they might do Operation Swarm. The team don’t seem to realise how popular the EPF stuff actually is.

  • vincent

    well if it never does come back at least i got all the awards and letters and stuff from it. (though i do want to complete all the missions without looking up videos and looking at the wiki.)

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