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CP Rewritten: Upcoming Summer Party Consultation

The Club Penguin Rewritten team are consulting as to which of three events should return in summer, and are requesting feedback from the community! These are the events which they are contemplating returning:

  • 101 Days of Fun: for this event, a very small task would be provided each day. In theory, a moderator would reward with you coins if they saw you completing this task, but it became increasingly repetitive and people lost interest quickly. You can find an example of such a task here.
  • Island Adventure Party – Festival of Fruit: this event involved the whole island being decorated for summer, along with a competition about collecting barrels! You can find the guide to it from 2019 here.
  • Festival of Lights: this event was liked for its night sky and the ability to visit the Tallest Mountain, though it lacked other decorations or activities. You can find a guide to it here.

As someone who has experienced all three parties, my personal preference would strongly be in favour of the Island Adventure Party: Festival of Fruit since it’s the most exciting and engaging event. However, feel free to compare the parties for yourself and leave a comment on the official blog post to share your thoughts with the team!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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