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CP Rewritten: Festival of Lights to Occur in November

The Festival of Lights has been confirmed to occur in November on Club Penguin Rewritten! This event was held a year ago, and it was liked for its night sky and the ability to visit the Tallest Mountain, though it lacked other decorations or activities at the time.

Bizarrely, the team have implied that this event was the outcome of the community consultation in April. However, they previously stated that the Island Adventure Party was the event which the community requested following that consultation, though it would be indefinitely delayed after its planned release in August was scrapped. I’m not sure what that means for the future of that event now.

This means that the schedule for the rest of the year is now clear:

  • September: The Fair
  • October: Halloween Party
  • November: Festival of Lights
  • December: Holiday Party

Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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