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CP Rewritten: Rockhopper’s Treasure Items to be Exclusive

Some new information has been released about Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure system, with the Club Penguin Rewritten team confirming that none of the items will return in the future with an alternative method of obtaining them.

Q: Will these [treasure] items return?
stu: They won’t.

In addition, the team also stated that there are currently eighty items which can be obtained through this system, though more could be added in future. Each daily unlock will randomly offer a different item, and it’s unlikely any of those eighty items will be removed from the pool of potential items anytime soon.

Given that the Rockhopper’s Daily Treasure system is something still quite new, I just wanted to share this news for those who are curious, as it might mean this system is the only way of obtaining an item that you might be interested in.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • devika p

    Torres, when ever I try to see the ad to get the items the ad does not load. I do not know what to do now as that the items can only be obtained by seeing an ad😔

      • Trevchris007

        Devika, here are a few tips while you wait for a response: 1) If your ad blocker is off, then you will see ads on CPR’s homepage. If you don’t see ads, that means your ad blocker is enabled and you won’t get the in-game reward. 2) Click your ad blocker and where it says, “Block Ads On,” or something akin, slide the “button” from the right to the left and refresh CPR’s homepage. Again, make sure you see ads before trying to obtain the in-game reward. If you still don’t see ads, go back to your adblocker and whitelist CPR’s URL: If that doesn’t work or your ad blocker is built-in and you don’t know where to find it, then an administrator should be able to help. You can also DM a mod if you are on CPR’s discord and s/he can facilitate the process a bit.

        Good luck.

  • Anonymous

    Wait, so we are probably only gonna get like 28 items from this? There are over 80! Based on the wiki, when you skip a day you restart on week 1, so won’t that mean we could just skip a day on the last day of week 4 and just go back and grind more, I dunno, but I’d be pretty upset if Players only get around a 50-60% chance to get an item they want

    • Trevchris007

      It says Week 4+. I interpreted the + to mean “beyond.” 4 weeks and beyond. It would stink if you couldn’t obtain all the items (within a reasonable amount of time), especially since they are exclusive. That’s not CPR’s style. I think the rewards system will last at least 80 days, but most likely even more to give those who started late a chance to claim all the items. Also, if you miss a day, I don’t think you restart. Your streak ends, but you should still have access to all the items in the pool (not just the Week 1 items).

      • Torres 126

        This is how the team have explained it:

        There are more items in each chest than a weeks worth though, once you move on to week 2 the week 1 chest is locked until either you get to the week 4 chest (Day 22) when you can open one of every chest every day, or you break your streak.

        • Trevchris007

          Trying to decode that semi-cryptic explanation. Since there are more items in each chest than a week’s worth, if you break your streak after day 7, you go back to Week 1 and get from whatever is available. I guess it also means if you break your streak after day 22, that you can no longer open all 4 chests at once. You will need another 22-day streak before gaining that luxury.

          Even though there are more than a week’s worth of items in each chest, I think you only have access to a handful. When a new chest unlocks, the previous one locks but more items will unlock. You just won’t have access to them until Week 4 or until you break your streak. And since on day 22 you can unlock all 4 chests daily, the 80-day scenario doesn’t necessarily apply. But it isn’t reasonable to expect that everyone can log in daily, so I suspect the rewards system will be here for a while (until the team figures out how many developers are needed and how much it will cost to get the game up to snuff and keep it running smoothly). It could become a permanent fixture, but if new items aren’t added, or added infrequently, we won’t have to worry about it once we have all 80 items. We’ll just participate if and when new items are released. In this case, the team is banking on new users to keep the revenue flowing.

          Of course, items can be replaced.

          Not sure if I am right or if it makes any sense, but I kind of get it now.

          Thanks, Torres.

  • Trevchris007

    This post was really helpful. I didn’t know that there were 80 available items. Provided a plethora of merch. isn’t added or CPR doesn’t end things prematurely, the rewards system will last about 3 months (or more).

    Torres, will you log in daily for the items?

    I have a few other thoughts but decided to let them go. I look forward to the Prehistoric Party.

    • Torres 126

      I’m not sure if I’ll log in each day for the items! I have been so far, but I think that’s largely just because it’s something new; I’ve never really been that keen on collecting all items, so I might end up just forgetting.

  • Anonymous

    Wait a minute that is not right!
    The items obtained are random out of 8 more than 80 then what should people who don’t get the item they are looking for do?

  • CPRM fan

    So many changes,Im feeling kinda strange. I think that i liked the old CPR much better,though many might disagree..I think that I need a break cuz getting items like this is making me just a little bit uncomfy and I think that I better take a break otherwise I might just stop playing altogether. Torres,Ill still check this blog tho ! Cya !

  • Anonymous

    I get that they need profits from the game but making us watch whole videos for a reward and every day that too to get a chest is not my idea of profits.We have 9M players, Couldnt they start something like YouTube or something ? I think that at the very least,something like merch getting released is better than getting exlusive items with ads

      • Trevchris007

        I don’t love the ads, but they don’t make me feel uncomfortable. I know I won’t change any opinions–both viewpoints have merit–but I ask myself: Would this be happening if Flash didn’t end? Probably not. Since the game can only thrive on new technology, CPR needs to hire developers well-versed in this technology. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone to work for free. I am sure the team explored many options, and found ads the best way to keep the game free for its users, to keep Disney off their backs, and to generate enough revenue to pay developers to advance the game.

        I also surmise that the original ads covered running expenses, but HTML5 changed that dynamic. In the end, I’d rather deal with a 15-30 second ad (some you can skip and still earn the reward) than see the game shutdown.

      • Anonymous

        True,it might be more profitable as im sure how many ever players are annoyed will still watch the ads.However,I am curious,what about CPR merch ? Like based on parties,and seasons merch could be released and im pretty sure a lot of people will buy them

      • Anonymous

        Torres what way do you recommend i make a blog of my own i really want to do that
        Can you give me somw tips too?
        Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Torres? Um… I don’t know what to say, but where does some people get the maroon penguin color? Was it part of the Rockhopper weekly items?

  • Justin

    They do realize this is trying to make profit and disney can take them down if they continue trying to make money off Club Penguin not smart in my opinion. It’s any day Disney sends a copyright strike and we no longer can play CP.

  • SpiderPeep

    Did u see the dino snack at the snow forts? Its at the bottom right near the time trekker! Not sure if its a pin or a hand item though…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the ads I’m getting. I use a private browser so the ads aren’t cookie based, but I’m getting ads for fake among us, crypto coin scams, horror shows etc.

  • Anonymous

    This means logging in for 80 days.That is way too much,even if they need profit.I think ill pass.Other penguins having some skin colors or items doesnt bother me.

  • Trevchris007

    I thought that, too, until Torres pointed out that you can open 4 items daily on Day 22 onward. Provided nothing is added and you don’t break your streak, it will take you 37 days to acquire all the items (22+15). 15×4 = 60 plus the 22 items you had already obtained.

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