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Lance Priebe on Buying Back Club Penguin

Rsnail, also known as Lance Priebe, is the person who worked on Club Penguin in his basement. After Megg announced that the game was closing, many players asked him too purchase the game back.

Despite the hopes after rsnail announce it depended on the cost, Megg denied them and Lance himself announced it wouldn’t be happening yet:

This makes perfect sense and I predicted this. If Club Penguin was bought, it would cause competition against their new game. After all, they closed it for this reason. However, if the new game isn’t a success, there’s always the chance that rsnail could buy it back.

In fact, rsnail has talked with Disney about Club Penguin.

As for what would happen if rsnail got Club Penguin, well, it would become “Old CP” and we would have to decide what happens from there. Sounds like a dream and a snowy paradise, right?

I feel like now I hope that rsnail does not purchase the game back because that would mean Club Penguin Island was a failure and we don’t want that. Previously, yes, he could turn it into a paradise, but that unfortunately will not be happening.

Club Penguin’s last hope of not closing on March 29th are over despite what 45% of 83 people said in our poll in one of our articles. However, rsnail is still creating new virtual worlds. His most anticipated one is a snail game which I will be sure to keep you updated about.

I feel much better now and interestingly, instead of making posts, I did what I did three years ago when I was ill which was watch Poonchee’s Club Penguin videos. Thank you for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Emem

    I would rather prefer that RocketSnail buy Club Penguin back and restore it to its’ former glory. And if Club Penguin has to dish out and die, I would be happy with that. Besides, do people honestly think CPI will be as successful as Club Penguin? I recently just saw the trailer and there were way more dislikes than likes.

    But now that I think of it, this is Disney’s publicity and marketing stunt. The more hate they get, the more profit that will actually come to them.

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