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    Final Messages from Club Penguin Staff

    Hi everyone,

    On December 20th, Club Penguin Island sadly closed, marking an end to the official franchise. Since then, effort has been invested into cruelly wiping every trace of its legacy online, from the YouTube channel being deleted to social media accounts disappearing.

    Despite this, the people who actually made Club Penguin the magical island it was have all shared some inspiring messages of all the things which both the community and Club Penguin have achieved. I wanted to share them with you, in case you missed them. They’re a compilation of messages due to the closure, both from the last few days and from when it was first announced.

    Thank you for the memories, friends. These last few years of meet-ups, parties, and adventures have been amazing and I’m so fortunate to have shared them with you. Wherever you go from here, whatever islands you discover next, waddle on. 🐧❤️

    -Joe Dermo (SGT Sparkles)

    Sending all my love to you, penguin family! Thanks for sharing these special moments with me on Club Penguin Island – I won’t ever forget them. ❤️ Be strong. You are unstoppable. 🐧 #WaddleOn

    -Sam Hewitt (Penny Pebbles)

    Over 1,000 people worked on the Club Penguin product in its 13-year lifespan. Today the CP chapter closes — but the island will live in the community’s memory forever. Sincere thanks to Lance and Lane for giving over 1,000 of us the best jobs in the world! ❤️ 🐧

    To the Club Penguin community — it’s because of you that over 1,000 people got to work on such a special product. Now it’s your turn. Let’s see what you can create! Apps, music, designs, stories, artwork — use your creativity and make something new!

    -Chris Gliddon (Polo Field)

    For those of you affected by the layoffs at Club Penguin: I remember when I first left, one of the weirdest parts was not having anywhere to go everyday. That feeling is why we built the Kelowna Innovation Centre as a place for you to come and figure it out. Let it be your place to come every morning while you figure out what’s next. We’ll keep the coffee warm.

    -Lane Merrifield (Billybob)

    What an amazing adventure. This little world has inspired a generation of children to explore, play and create. Club Penguin was never a game. It was a world, a community that happened to be penguins. I look forward to watching the penguins create new worlds.

    -Lance Priebe (rsnail)

    Thank you immensely for letting me waddle with you all. It has been an absolute honor to be a part of this penguin family & I can’t wait to see you all stay creative. It’s not really the end – just a new beginning. Thank you. Merci. Obrigado. Gracias. 🖤🐧💙 #WaddleOn

    -Amy Thiessen (Amykim)

    Club Penguin was my first job in the tech/game industry and I learned a lot about myself, communties and how passionate they are the 8 years I was there. Also a lot of computer stuff! My heart goes out to my friends and others who were laid off. ❤️ #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

    -Ebi Ember (Mmm Cookies)

    For every 1 CPI staff you know, there are at least 5 people you don’t hear about and they deserve all of your love as well! CPI took a team! Goodnight, Club Penguin Island. Thanks to all who made and played our game. Been awesome to be a part of something so amazing. To all that are sad, which includes myself, remember that the Club Penguin spirit lives on in our hearts, memories and actions. Waddle on!

    -Russell Horton (SheepVsGravity)

    Kids inspired to become developers, or community managers, or in many cases, just to connect. Many neurodiverse kids breaking my heart by talking about finding a voice through our game. It was an honour.

    -Alex Newcombe (NoFunAlex)

    One final waddle on! Most talented and big hearted team I’ve ever known. If you see “Club Penguin” on an (application) profile, know that it’s a badge of honor…

    -Chris Heatherly (Spike Hike)

    Club Penguin was the best job I ever had. There was a period of a few golden years where even the stress was constructive and exciting, and I knew that I was part of something amazing. It’s sad to hear it’s shutting down for good. Love you, CP. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

    -Chris Hendricks (Screenhog)

    To all the penguins out there, the time has come to board the Migrator once more. Now we set sail not for a website or an app, but for the future. We’re all just trying to waddle along this big life thing. Be kind to yourselves, too. Waddle on my friends, and know that if you need help a penguin is never far away. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

    -Nate Bolton (Boltzor)

    I was really sad to hear about Club Penguin (shutdown) and my heart hurts for the team for getting let go, and for the players for having to say goodbye again so soon…I’m glad the team has such an amazing community to support them during this time. Thank you for being so amazing, waddle on!

    -Bobbi Jean (Megg)

    Forever grateful I got to be a penguin. Club Penguin taught me so much about community, teamwork & heart. #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin  ❤️

     Deanna Kent (Deamama)

    I’ve said this before, but Club Penguin has been such a wonderful journey. Without our amazing community, the lovely team and everyone else involved with the game, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Waddle on (forever this time) everyone!

    -Connor (FrostyApten)

    Hey Penguin Pals! I know you’re all ad, so I wanted to give you a reason to be proud. Here are the stats from CP’s former global citizenship leader: there are over 40+ Club Penguin primary school libraries in Africa & Asia; 50+ schools in South America, Asia, and Africa. 50+ playgrounds in the United States, Canada, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq still standing. Plus together we made a difference for 12 species of endangered animals and protected thousands of acres of forest along with so much more! This is all thanks to YOU and your dedication to Coins For Change and to the Club Penguin team who wanted to make a difference in the world.

    -Liza (JusticePenguin)

    Thinking of all our remaining penguins in Kelowna and beyond….big, huge hugs to you all! I’m proud we had an opportunity to make a difference in millions of kids lives. Club Penguin and our team were truly special. So many great memories and so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with everyone for a decade!

    -Nicole Rustad

    And then there were none…the final Production folks have hugged & cried & said good-bye. My laptop, keys & badge have been handed in…
    Thank you for the most incredible 7 years. It has been an honour working with so many talented people. 💙🐧💙 #OnceAPenguinAlwaysAPenguin

    -Jenni (IslandQueen)

    There’s one more thing which I’ve wanted to share: for the past few weeks, Jenni (IslandQueen) has been sharing some photos of the Club Penguin HQ and the talented team there. It’s really a beautiful building, and you may even find a face or two familiar!

    It just shows that behind every little addition to the island was a team who really deeply cared so much about both the game and the community.

    I’ve already written something with a little message to the Club Penguin team here, but to all those who contributed either to Club Penguin, Club Penguin Island or even just the mobile apps or other content: thank you for everything, the memories, experiences, fun, skills and so much more.

    Waddle on, Club Penguin 🐧💙

    -Torres 126

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    A Year since Club Penguin Closed…

    A couple of days ago, Club Penguin marked one year since they closed down their doors forever. Back then, there were concerns that perhaps this could completely be the end of the desktop’s version of the virtual world, but a year on, the community still thrives and private servers archive the enjoyment and fun.

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    Club Penguin Closing Live Post (#WaddleOn)

    This post is no longer being updated but will serve as an archive for arguably the biggest day in Club Penguin history.

    Join me as I spend my final day on Club Penguin. We’ll cover thoughts from you, breaking news and what I’m doing to act as an archive for this special day in the future. Times are covered in PST which can be found at the Snow Forts.

    Red is news, green is thoughts, black is my day. Send in your thoughts on Twitter using #WaddleOn and they will be featured every 20 or so minutes. 


    11:00The aftermath. It’s weird knowing that we will never be able to play Club Penguin again and it’s been quite an upsetting day. This morning I had to rush to school but now we can really look back at the final thoughts of this, minutes after the news was announced








    All traces of Club Penguin have now been officially destroyed except for social media. All media files, gone. The website, redirects to the Club Penguin Island website. But I can safely say:

    I have successfully recorded the final day of Club Penguin. Waddle on.


    00:03: CLUB PENGUIN HAS CLOSED DOWN. Some got the connection lost message, I just saw that nobody was speaking. I have it both recorded on the app and desktop but right now I’m running late for school. I’ll post everything this afternoon. Waddle on. 🙁



    23:45: FIFTEEN MINUTES LEFT. We’re remembering the past and celebrating the future as a community at the Snow Forts.

    23:33: This isn’t the work of bots. We’re a community.


    23:29: Hard to smile so close to the end but we managed…

    23:28: After using the old spam technique, I’m in the Snow Forts. It’s packed with penguins.

    23:25: Waiting at the Dock…the end is near.

    23:24: I tried…and also the Snow Forts is currently full.

    23:15: With famous YouTuber Poonchee! This guy made such awesome videos!

    23:10: THOUGHT THIS WAS BILLYBOB. It wasn’t. Still haven’t heard from him about the closure.

    23:09: Snow Forts is pretty packed. Even old players are here to see the end.

    23:07: On Marshmallow now. Moose just logged off but there is a party soon!

    23:00: WE SURVIVED! Oh, who am I kidding, one hour left. 🙁

    14:45: Signing off for the night. This will be the last evening where Club Penguin is around, reality is really starting to kick in. I will be back in the morning at 23:50PM PST to witness and record the sunset with you, but still, it’s pretty upsetting.

    On a more positive note, thank you for over 2400 views today. This is a record for me with over 1035 people viewing this blog. I had fun hanging out and playing CP for the penultimate time today. Thank you and enjoy the last few hours.

    Waddle on,

    -Torres 126

    14:43: I have just finished archiving the automatic updated image page. The end is near.

    14:40Final community thoughts

    14:39: Honestly, this is the reason why Club Penguin is closing. Pretty awful way to end my final full day on Club Penguin but unfortunately I will not be logging back on.

    14:36: These are my last teammates, ever.

    14:32: And we enter the Dojo for what is likely the last time. So many memories are here, I still vividly remember the old design. Now I shall enter the Snow Dojo. This was huge when it came out in 2013, amazing times.

    14:30: Here’s the plan: Card Jitsu Snow, some community thoughts, archive the graphics, sleep. I’ve played for like 6 hours today but I will be here for the end tomorrow morning.

    Also, I really miss the garden that used to be here.

    14:29: And just like that, the game I loved for years is a game I will not play ever again. That’s kind of upsetting to be honest. This was my last ever run.

    14:20: Is it bad I never really played Puffle Rescue? Not that good at it either, but I loved Cart Surfer. I know that many loved this game and it will be missed but for now, farewell Puffle Rescue. It’s time for one last game of Cart Surfer.

    14:16: After 3 rounds, I made 99 coins. Goodbye Puffle Park, I remember how it was such a big deal when the dog and cat puffles came out. Puffle Rescue.

    14:12: Goodbye Puffle Park. Last game of Puffle Roundup.

    14:06: I was never that good at Dance Contest and I failed at hard mode, yet alone extreme. Either way, it will be missed. This is my last time playing it.


    13:59: Single player Dance Contest time!

    13:56: I will never successfully complete another Spy Drill again…

    13:45: Back to System Defender.

    13:43: Hanging out at the Book Room.

    13:39: The end is near.

    13:36: Just a quick stop at the Coffee Shop. So many familiar faces. The end is near, too near.

    13:32: Just played System Defender…defeated Protobot and I will play against the bots now. I love this game.

    13:15: I will miss this game. It’s probably my second favourite. Still playing and will be for a while!

    13:09: System Defender and Spy Missions time!

    13:04: Back on Marshmallow! Trying to play all games!

    12:37: Signing out for a bit to eat dinner. See you all soon!

    12:36: Just finished my last ever game of Jet Pack Adventure. Oh will I miss this island. 🙁

    12:26: Tipping the Iceberg with Screenhog on Marshmallow!

    12:21: On Marshmallow awaiting Screenhog.

    12:18: Logged off. Screenhog is on Marshmallow

    12:16: Jet Pack Adventure for the last time…ever.

    12:10: Disconnected. Logging onto Alpine to place every game now. (Flurry is full)

    12:03: Won against Danar435 (gg!) in Dance Contest. Time for a single player round!

    12:00: 12 HOURS REMAIN

    11:54: Lost connection. Logging into Flurry again. Anyone up for a Dance Contest?


    11:49: Going to be playing Astro Barrier now then Dance Contest. Come join me soon for multiplayer Dance Contest!

    11:48: Nicoray has pointed out a little glitch where everyone has the first level membership badge.

    11:45: Hitting a puck around for the last time at the Ice Rink/Stadium.

    11:42: With people now having access to memberships, I’m seeing a lot of igloo advertisements! Just like the old days!

    11:40: Back! I auto-disconnected (probably for the last time ever). Logging back into Flurry now and going to play Astro Barrier.

    11:26: Signing off for a bit. I’ll hopefully be back in 10-20 minutes.

    11:21: Time for that extra round of Astro Barrier on the server Flurry!

    11:19: Courtney Foreman has kindly shared their thoughts with us.

    I will miss CP. I played it when I was younger but then stopped. I wish I didn’t stop but I can’t change that. At least I got to play a lil bit before closing. Now I will be playing CPI. #WaddleOn

    11:14: This hoodie was the first item I bought as a member back in 2010. It will also be the last. I have also purchased the Thunder Blade, my favourite sword.

    11:11: At the Gift Shop on Flurry buying member clothes! People are pouring in, it seems like it’s almost full!



    11:04: BREAKING NEWS: Details cannot be confirmed but we believe that free membership is now out thanks to a message from Cookiezito. 

    11:03: Connection lost. This is scaring me but I hope the free membership update is out. Logging back in now to Flurry

    11:00: 13 HOURS LEFT

    10:59: Pizzatron for the last ever time in Candy Mode…never really played this much to be honest. 

    10:52: Roleplaying at the Pizza Parlour. This was so fun back in the day!

    10:47: Penguins are patiently waiting for free membership. Currently hanging out with Danar435 and Yehaw (hi!). Come join us on White Out!

    10:42: Time for some more community thoughts from Twitter!



    10:40: On White Out. People are sharing their favourite experiences of Club Penguin.

    10:38: Lost connection, logging into a more popular server then going to do community thoughts.

    10:37: Kinda sad that this is going to be the last ever time I’ll play Ice Fishing. It’s a really great game, had fun back in the day playing it.

    10:28: I’m stuck at what to do without membership. Ice Fishing then logging on to a new server to see some protests.

    10:27: There have been multiple reports of people losing connection but being able to log back in again. I have not yet experienced this but is this suggesting an update soon?

    10:21: Oh, I made it this far and I was quite enjoying it but guess I’ll need to come back when we all get free membership. And I just realised that over 30 people are currently reading so hi and thank you!

    10:14: Made it to Stage 5. So close, should probably try this again today. Astro Barrier at the Arcade now!

    10:00: Only fourteen hours left..the end is near. Here are some more community thoughts.





    09:57: Club Penguin have addressed the free membership issue saying that they’re working on it and an update will be out soon.


    09:56: I HAD FOUR LIVES AND I LOST THEM ALL ON A SINGLE STAGE. I’m not taking this, another round but first we’ll do some community thoughts!

    09:48: I’m doing tweets every 20 minutes but my friend Blue21102 has written a great post about his thoughts on the game closing! Check it out!

    Link: https://bluesblogcp.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/one-last-post-for-club-penguin/

    Ps. I decided to play Bean Counter on the server Avalanche

    09:39: Played Hydro Hopper for potentially the very last ever time after ages. Reached level 7, is that bad? I’m stuck choosing which game to play now, I really want to wait for that free membership before I start.

    09:26: My puffles have been released. All of these puffles in the image below are now in the wilds.

    09:25Let’s look at our first thoughts of the day. You can send these in by going on Twitter and using the hashtag #WaddleOn if you are over the age of 13. Otherwise, leave a comment!

    09:22Team have just said that membership should be out soon within the next few hours but are experiencing problems as everything is so busy. 

    09:13: Calling Club Penguin now to remove the other puffles…also will ask them about that free membership

    09:12: Just returned my green and purple puffle to the wild. I’m keeping my white one and my dog one because I’ll adopt them on Club Penguin. I feel horrible. 🙁

    09:07: Woah, it’s full. I think I’ll hop onto Avalanche first so I don’t experience too much lag. Come join me!

    09:00: Signing in! Hi everyone, time to have some fun on the island for potentially the last time. There are 16 hours left until the end.

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    The Club Penguin Times 6 – #WaddleOn


    This is a special Club Penguin closing edition…a world that has lasted over 11 years, closing in just a matter of hours. The end is near, but I can’t thank the team enough for what they have done for us. Read more here. 

    As we approach the end (there are 16 hours left at the time of writing), I’m beginning to realise just how much the small things matter, puffles. These cuddly cute creatures have been around for ages and will eventually be back on CP Island.

    Puffles are probably going to be the thing I miss the most. However, owners want them to have a good life. I, like many, will be releasing mine to the wild and intend to call Club Penguin as soon as this is published.

    Let’s take a moment to realise how fortunate we’ve been to have a sidekick waddling next to us all the time. To think that those pets, who to many of us are more than just coloured pixels, won’t be waddling next to us for a while. And that’s sad. Waddle on, puffles, waddle on.

    “POSTCARD ME” is usually what is said at every mod meet-up. But today our postcards will be gone forever. I have printed mine out along with my puffle adoption certificate for free thanks to an app called FreePrints, which you may wan to check out with your parents if you are in the United Kingdom.

    But these are the small things that were kind of irrelevant compared to things like puffles. Now I’m beginning to miss them already. Just a friendly reminder, please screenshot all your postcards and puffle certificates. The end is near.


    I wrote this a month and a day ago. I’ve not released it until now. Before reading this, don’t get me wrong, I completely believe that Club Penguin Island is the correct route to go down. The game has been dropping in success and popularity and it needed a reboot, something to bring it back to life…the thing is, did it really need to be this way?


    The end of Club Penguin was something which I briefly covered but it took a more positive yet not so honest approach, suggesting that I was completely fine with the game closing. If I could narrow it down to one word it would be frustration.

    It frustrates me how the decision to close classic Club Penguin has been dealt with. I completely get that Flash is getting old but that appears to be the only reason which the team have let slip on why the game is closing.

    It frustrates me how the team went down the path of #ProjectSuperSecret in 2014/2015 and completely abused the classic game. 2013 was such a great (in my opinion, the best) year for Club Penguin yet this one decision to focus on Project Super Secret and use it as an excuse to blame the shortcomings of the team in previous years.

    When you’ve made 6 other mobile apps trying so hard to get into the mobile industry and have at least 4 apps completely flop and get shut down with very little new content, it is not a risk going completely into the mobile industry. It’s reckless.

    Classic Club Penguin could have continued to be extremely successful up to now. The only way CP Island will even possibly become big is to listen to the community. I have faith in the new game but I feel like it is a completely unnecessary to make such an extreme decision that will either restore the success of Club Penguin (which was abused) or finish the franchise. I completely appreciate the team continuing the franchise, but it is concerning when you just compare CP and CPI.

    Of course I’m going to write strongly about this and possibly “bash” the game – no-one is happy to see the game we all know and love go. These are just some more short but more negative thoughts. I strongly support CPI and I will fulfil the team’s wishes of playing that.


    I now am going to go and spend my last few hours on Club Penguin and you can follow along with a post which I will be releasing soon.

    Waddle on,

    -Torres 126

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    Thank you Club Penguin – #WaddleOn

    To the Club Penguin staff members both former and current – all of those around the world, no matter if you were/are in Support, an engineer, an artist, a manager or a co-founder:

    There are a matter of hours until Club Penguin ends but many people have argued that the last eighteen years worth of work has gone to waste…I wanted to prove this wrong. Club Penguin has made a difference in the world and progressing to a new island won’t change it:

    Club Penguin means something to people. It’s made people’s lives better and I want to focus on that. So thank you, thank you for making the world a better place. I assembled some thoughts from the Twitter community and after 4 hours, this is what I came up with:

    And it gets bigger than just personal reasons, from helping people. After all, the 2nd of the 3 rules a potential buyer would have to accept in 2007 was that 10% of profits had to be donated to charity…and when you have over 300 million registered accounts, that 10% makes a huge difference to animals and people.

    All we, as a community, would like to say is thank you. Using words makes it hard to describe the massive impact this game has made. This post isn’t scheduled and the reality of the game closing has really made me appreciate how much of a difference it has made personally and internationally. The game that has been out for 11 years may be ending in a few hours but the difference it has made will not. Please keep making the world a better place!

    Waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    Lance Priebe on Buying Back Club Penguin

    Rsnail, also known as Lance Priebe, is the person who worked on Club Penguin in his basement. After Megg announced that the game was closing, many players asked him too purchase the game back.

    Despite the hopes after rsnail announce it depended on the cost, Megg denied them and Lance himself announced it wouldn’t be happening yet:

    This makes perfect sense and I predicted this. If Club Penguin was bought, it would cause competition against their new game. After all, they closed it for this reason. However, if the new game isn’t a success, there’s always the chance that rsnail could buy it back.

    In fact, rsnail has talked with Disney about Club Penguin.

    As for what would happen if rsnail got Club Penguin, well, it would become “Old CP” and we would have to decide what happens from there. Sounds like a dream and a snowy paradise, right?

    I feel like now I hope that rsnail does not purchase the game back because that would mean Club Penguin Island was a failure and we don’t want that. Previously, yes, he could turn it into a paradise, but that unfortunately will not be happening.

    Club Penguin’s last hope of not closing on March 29th are over despite what 45% of 83 people said in our poll in one of our articles. However, rsnail is still creating new virtual worlds. His most anticipated one is a snail game which I will be sure to keep you updated about.

    I feel much better now and interestingly, instead of making posts, I did what I did three years ago when I was ill which was watch Poonchee’s Club Penguin videos. Thank you for reading!

    Waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    The Club Penguin Times #1



    Starting from today, as part of our new blog, we’ll be delivering a newsletter every week or second week to our website. These Sunday newsletters will be packed with exciting Club Penguin Island content from the latest news to discussions to featuring the community to pretty much anything! We hope you enjoy our first edition!


    Rockhopper has successfully delivered the first few residents of the new island using the Migrator, a ship which he redesigned for this long journey! Unfortunately, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. We caught up with a penguin who told us his experience.

    “I was so excited as we approached the island but suddenly geysers shot through the ship! Rockhopper instructed everyone onboard to use a cannon to escape to the iceberg before the Migrator exploded”, one penguin told us.

    Aunt Arctic, island director, has informed The Club Penguin Times that the ship has been fixed after an issue with the Lighthouse. Rockhopper is currently sailing back to the island now to collect new penguins, but some of the people we interviewed are concerned that the journey is still too dangerous.


    As the Club Penguin Island party has almost ended, Aunt Arctic has begun to write up the information which has been found in tourist booths! That being said, we also have a lot of news regarding Club Penguin Island.

    Here’s some of the most recent news we’ve heard in the past week, though there’s not been much. Click/tap a title to get more detailed information about that piece of information!

    There hasn’t been much information about the new island this week but when there is, we’ll be sure to let you know!article2

    A question that has made everyone rather curious over the last few days is why classic Club Penguin has to end. In this article, i’m going to try and help explain the reason for this.

    The game requires Adobe Flash to run but some major security flaws have been discovered with this program. As such, many browsers are beginning to discontinue the service and that means trouble to Club Penguin! In Megg’s own words, she said that “Flash is dying”.

    ee599ed2d22b29f65f1c3327c933b8d3Fortunately, the team have innovated with Club Penguin Island, a completely new game which has been built from scratch in a program known as Unity. Although the game is currently only available on mobile, Unity can be used for almost any device, including desktop and even consoles. The issue is that the team still want to add to the mobile version first for they’ve had to redo everything they’ve accomplished in the last eleven years.

    So if Flash is becoming less popular, when will the team finally end the game we know and love? Well, it’s hard to tell for sure, though it’s definitely going to be happening soon and almost certainly in 2017. To put this into perspective, we don’t even know if March will have a party!

    adventureI reckon that the game will close no later than May or June, but it’d be lucky to even see April. Everything has been leading up to this point, including the discontinuation of membership cards and the launch of the new game. It’s only a matter of weeks before the game is finally over and honestly, with the lack of additional content to the new game, it’s not worth keeping it alive.

    Club Penguin Island is the future, whether we like it or not, for it’s a continuation of the Club Penguin franchise when the game finally closes soon.


    The new game is approaching soon! Based on what you’ve experienced or seen, what would you like to see more of in the future? The results will be featured in our next edition and sent to the team!



    Q. Why can’t I just play Club Penguin Island now? -Perrythepal

    A. That’s a very good question! As you know, the game is currently in geo-beta, meaning that only three countries can officially take part in the beta without using “alternative methods”.

    It’s important to remember that the beta feedback which we give will be used to help make the game better when it launches! This means that many bugs which testers have experienced won’t be there when the game launches to help make everyone get a better experience!

    Despite this, I think that an open beta should have been better so that more bugs could get squashed and so that everyone could play! After all, we’ve all been waiting years for this and I think that it would have been far better if we all go to play rather than just a few hundred of the thousands who waited patiently.

    I disagree with the team’s decision on the closed beta and geo-beta, but worldwide launch is approaching fast! You can pre-register on their website to receive exclusive items when you first log in. I can’t wait to meet you on the new island!

    Q. What do you think of your blog? -Captain J153

    A. Hmm…that’s a tough one! I’m committed to providing quality and safe content for all viewers, and it’s up to you to say if I do that well. Do you like this blog?


    Each edition will feature a special puzzle related to Club Penguin Island, whether it be a wordsearch, a crossword, something to find or more! Today’s puzzle is a wordsearch which features some of the Sea Caves rooms. Here are the 5 words:

    1. ThroneRoom
    2. CrabsDen
    3. GlowGrotto
    4. RaceCave
    5. PartySub


    Fan Art:


    Captain J153 sent in this amazing drawing of Rockhopper! Our editors were stunned by the detail and pose of our penguin pirate! Thank you for sending it in!


    That’s all for this week’s edition of The Club Penguin Times! We hope that you enjoyed reading and that you’ll want to be featured next week! Thanks for reading and have a great week!

    Waddle on!

    -Torres 126

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    Club Penguin Closing Announcement to be Made Soon

    Megg has announced at her recent meet-up that there will be an announcement on Club Penguin closing Flash (ie. the current game) soon. I cannot confirm she was responding to the question I asked her and I missed the screenshot as everyone went crazy but this is almost certainly the case.