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CP Rewritten: Wilderness Expedition Returning?!

Yesterday evening the community deducted a Festival of Flight is likely returning after three sneak peeks were posted, but nobody knew what one of the three sneak peeks (the rock) were.

However, this has all been changed now! One penguin, Trekker, discovered and commented on this blog that it exactly matches the maze of the WIlderness Expedition. He’s absolutely right and I’d like to give him a huge thank you for sharing this with me.

Not only does this picture perfectly match the riddle which stu gave us. The Wilderness Expedition isn’t exactly a party, it’s an expedition. It’s not Operation Blackout and also, shadows are something fairly common throughout this event. This is everything stu said and it matches the Wilderness Expedition.

I’d like to remind everyone that this party isn’t confirmed, it’s merely a theory which is very likely, but I’m really hoping to see it happen. It’s one of my most favourite parties so being able to experience again seven years later would be really cool! Who’s ready to adopt a brown puffle?

Thank you for reading and thank you to Trekker for informing me of this!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • greg45

    I really wish that this will indeed happen. When the expedition took place back in 2011, I wasn’t a member and so I couldn’t complete it all. Now I’m really happy to be able to finish it as it’s one of my favorite parties 🙂

  • Trekker

    I’m glad I could share my thoughts as I made a long comment on Gokhan”s Youtube video explaning reasons why it could be the Expedition. If you wanna read it go on to Gokhan’s video talking about the next party and you’ll find it in the comment section. Waddle on!

    • Torres 126

      I saw the comment and you’re right, Hunter did describe the party as “wild”…perhaps that adjective is more than we first expected and I agree, it’s probably another hint at the Wilderness Expedition! 🙂

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