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CP Rewritten – HTML5: Igloos & Catalogs

A large number of updates were recently made to the Club Penguin Rewritten HTML5 version, which you can play here. Since it’s been a while, I just wanted to run you through anything which you may have missed.

The main update is that igloos and catalogs (Penguin Style & Furniture Igloo) have been added! The igloo system is different to the Flash version as it’s more modern; you can now have multiple igloos at once, and it’s easier to find different furniture. So far, you can only use the default igloo, though that’ll change later.

The full list of changes is fairly extensive, along with the list of known bugs, but here’s the list of gameplay updates if you’d like to check out:

  • Igloos have been added to the game!
  • Furniture Catalog is now available for use.
  • Penguin Style Catalog is now available for use! Show off your awesome outfits with the now-outdated June catalog.
  • The Igloo Editor has been implemented with the “brand-new” AS3 design! You can now create and save up to 4 different igloos.
  • Forest room has been added.
  • You can now see penguins while editing your igloo!

I’ll continue to try and keep you in the loop on progress made to the HTML5 version, especially as the transition grows closer. Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


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