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Club Penguin Rewritten: The Fair 2020 – Full Guide

The Fair has begun on Club Penguin Rewritten, bringing a whole new variety of prizes and rides to the island, along with a lovely nighttime sky! This post will offer a complete guide to everything at the party, from the mini-games to the rooms.

Rookie is visiting for this event with a new background! You can view his tracker here.

New Rooms

This event has a whole series of new rooms, so I just wanted to start by running through them! There’s a whole new Games Room, and you can access them from the Dock.

In the Games Room, you can access several Fair events (see more later in the guide) along with the Wagon Wheel and the Space Squid.

The Wagon Wheel can be entered from the left, and the Space Squid from the right.

The Wagon Wheel is an extremely beautiful room where you can see the island from above, with a pretty skyline too! The areas zoom in, and I’d highly recommend checking it out. The Space Squid is effectively a rollercoaster; if you waddle onto the light blue track, your penguin will grab a cart and slide around it!

The other party rooms are the:

  • Games Room 2 – accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Great Puffle Circus – accessible from the Forest

For those curious about how this all looks put together, here’s a wonderful map compiled by Degarmoo that demonstrates the places across the island!

Thank you to Degarmoo for the map!

Prize Booths

Tickets can be earned in mini-games to achieve prizes! There are two stand locations, the Forest and outside the Great Puffle Circus (which is also accessible from the Forest).

Week two of prizes has arrived, bringing some new items (including hidden ones) to the booths! Click here for a guide.

There will be more prizes next week too!

Spin to Win

This can be found accessible from the Dock. In order to “spin to win”, you’ll need to collect a golden ticket. You can earn one by playing Fair games, and one should drop around every ten minutes, but you should also get one when first logging in. You can also use 10K tickets to obtain a golden ticket.

Each spin offers the chance to get a mystery prize! Here are all the mystery prizes which you can obtain.

Items from Last Year

If you attended The Fair last year, you’ll already have these!

The Snowcone Pin is located at the Coffee Shop, but it is a bit of a challenge to obtain it! You need to throw a few snowballs into the top of the machine (circled in the picture below), and then wait a bit as a reaction takes place. After a few seconds, the pin will come out and you simply need to click it to be able to obtain it!

Head over to the Ski Village and click the camera on the bottom right! You will be able to obtain the “Step Right Up” background for doing so! This is the only free item in this party.

There’s also an item at the Lighthouse! You can obtain the Luxury Cowboy Hat.

There’s still plenty more items and pins to earn, but that’s in the booths! Equally, a code has been released for 20K coins, the Tie Dye Shirt and the Candy Apple! It’s THEFAIR20, and you can read more on that here.

Other Games

Memory Card Game:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: Find matching pairs in the fewest number of tries to earn the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Ring the Bell:

  • Location: Games Room 1 via Dock
  • Instructions: When the hammer is in the centre, click your mouse and hold it until it is as green as it can get!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High (Max: 25 – however you can get many in just a few seconds)

Puffle Shuffle:

  • Location: Games Room 1 via Dock
  • Instructions: Puffles will float around under a hat, and you need to watch which one moves underneath which hat!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium

Balloon Pop:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the fan to blow your puffle’s balloon into the targets, so that the targets hit the cactus!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Low (I always found it difficult, but you may not!)

Puffle Soaker:

  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts
  • Instructions: Use the space bar to shoot water, making sure you hit the puffles and not the penguins. Also use the down button to duck when objects are thrown at you!
  • Recommendation for tickets: Medium


  • Location: Area accessible from the Snow Forts (thanks WhelanDealin for spotting this error!)
  • Instructions: Try and blast O’Berries into as many puffle’s mouths as possible, but be aware that it will get harder as the game goes along!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Puffle Paddle:

  • Location: Forest
  • Instructions: The famous Puffle Paddle! Use your paddle to make sure that your puffle does not fall, but be aware that it gets more tricky as you will have to balance puffles simultaneously to get the most tickets!
  • Recommendation for tickets: High

Rookie’s Whacky Giveaway

Rookie is already making appearances for The Fair! The tracker has tracked him, and you can view that here. However, I also wanted to share his background for those curious: it’s a custom one which depicts the Wagon Wheel!

I hope that this guide helped, definitely be sure to explore The Fair as there’s so many amazingly decorated rooms! Thank you very much for reading, be sure to check back for more of the latest Club Penguin Rewritten news and guides!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


  • Anonymous

    Tips for people who want to get lots of tickets in a relatively short time:
    Puffle paddle is the best method. If possible, go into your computer settings and increase the speed your cursor moves at so that you can react faster (this is also helpful for pizzatron). The best technique is to focus on the original blue puffle, which gives 2 tickets per bounce and up to 5 each time eventually. When other puffles fall down, try to keep them bouncing vertically for a while but once it looks like you will lose them, ignore them- they don’t give as many tickets. Waving around the cursor manically doesn’t work very well, so just try to be careful. Once the blue puffle is at the 5 ticket stage you can get around a thousand tickets in not much time.
    Ring the bell is not recommended. Although it’s good if you need only a few tickets and it gives short games (which means you get more golden tickets), it’s easier just to play puffle paddle for a few seconds and leave. Also, as the room has the prize wheel it will be laggy unless you are on a seldom used server.
    Balloon pop would be one of the best sources if it wasn’t for the fact it has a bug- you don’t get any tickets out of it, even if it says you do.

  • WhelanDealin

    Hey Torres,
    Just like to point out that the feed-a-puffle is in the games room accessed from the snow forts now and not the cove.
    Great guide!

  • tylerxdurden

    heyy torres! did u know that u can slide from the beacon to the beach? haha I just found that out and it was adorbs and just wanted to share it to u. thanks for the info as always!

    • Torres 126

      Hmm…would pinning make it more helpful? I want it to be easy accessible, but I was hoping the slider would achieve that now. It seems to have worked since I haven’t pinned previous party guides since the theme switch. 🙂

    • Torres 126

      Best of luck catching him in the next few visits! I’m sure there’ll be at least one visit more friendly to Australia soon – there’s only been two by him for this event so far.

    • Gabby

      i work full time Monday-thursday 10 hour days and dont get home until almost 6 pm so i havent gotten the chance.. i have fridays off and still nothing. I’m sorry and I hope we both get to meet him soon! best of luck

  • SpookBat

    The secret to Balloon Pop is in hunting near the top and keeping the “Most popped in a row” streak up. Then you get so many more tickets out of every balloon that (even though you might only catch half of them), it’s a veritable shower! Tends to be easier with a mouse than a trackpad, can’t vouch for touchscreens. Here’s some stats from a fellow penguin (less of a butterflippers than me):

    Tickets collected = 778
    Most popped in a row = 41
    41*10 = 410
    778 + 410 = 1188
    Total: 1188 tickets in about 3 minutes.

    They’ve exited right after losing that 41-target streak, even though the tickets/target quantities don’t drop down immediately after 1 target miss. You can most certainly go on, brave the bigger targets, get different-coloured balloons for your puffle… But, for basic statistical purposes here it is, ~400/minute, far better than my 80 per game of Memory Match.

    Also, the Fair code (THEFAIR20) is out already (people in the comments have noticed, but some – like me – mostly read the posts only, so if you were to mention it there?)

    • Torres 126

      Oh, yikes, that’s a lot of mathematics, thanks for sharing! I must admit, I’ve always completely struggled with Balloon Pop, and I reckon that lots of others, but it definitely seems like it can be great for tickets once you’ve got the hang of it.

      I made a separate post about the code, but I’ve added it to this post as well to ensure that nobody misses out! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I sent you a email with all the mystery prizes. The name that I used for the email ([redacted by an administrator]) is not my real name.

  • Anonymous

    I am really sad that I can’t find the teddy bear, octopus buddy, or octopus stuffy that are supposed to be a hidden item and there are no new prize booth items for me. Is this weird? Is my account being weird?

  • :)

    I’m not sure if you have already posted this somewhere on the blog but there are hidden items in the prize booth in front of the puffle circus. One is on the word ‘all’ on the gold ticket, one is on the orange ice cream hat, and one is on the spoon.

  • Blue 03

    There are three secret items at the booth by the circus! Can you find ALL three of them? Keep reading if you want to know where the secrets are! 1. At the golden ticket in the top left, it should say “SPEND ALL YOUR TICKETS!” If you click on the word “ALL” the secret teddy bear should pop up! 2. Put your mouse on the left side of the ice cream of the ice cream hat, then some green sunglasses should pop up! 3. Put your mouse over top of the top part of the giant spoon, click and then a teddy bear background should pop up! Those are all the secrets for that stand! I couldn’t find any other secrets for the other stand.

    • Torres 126

      I received it primarily for this blog, but there’s lots of ways! This paragraph from the official Penguin of the Week blog posts is a pretty good summary, in my view.

      Wondering how to get a chance of becoming Penguin of The Week? Just be yourself, be active, helpful, and kind to other penguins on the island for a chance to get the spotlight on the blog for your kindness and activity.

  • Anonymous

    Hello Torres, I have a question about Rookie. Although it’s too late since the fair is almost over, but my daughter met Rookie during one of his visits last week and something popped up on her screen that said she earned the Rookie stamp, or something to that effect, but when she was looking through her stamps today it wasn’t there. Logged off and on again and she still doesn’t have the stamp. For future character visits, what should she have done to unlock the stamp? Thanks for your help, we are new to the game! Love San and Yakul btw!

    • Torres 126

      Hi! By any chance, did this visit occur on 4th October around 00:53 (BST)? If so, there was a server issue on the game which resulted in progress not being saved despite Rookie logging on at that time; usually, the stamp for meeting a mascot would automatically save. I can imagine this to be super frustrating, and I’m not sure if the team are rewarding it to people who email in explaining the issue, although that may be worth a try: they can be contacted at

      Don’t forget that when meeting a character, you can also click them to open their playercard and obtain a special background too! Thank you very much for the lovely comment! 🙂

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