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CP Rewritten: Operation Swarm Cancelled

I can imagine that this post will be disappointing for many to read, especially after all the excitement which has been built up over the last month: Operation Swarm has been cancelled, and will not be happening.

The team released this statement a few moments ago.

We’ve decided to cancel Operation: Swarm due to it being delayed so much that it would now conflict with the upcoming Holiday Party. I know this will be upsetting for a lot of people, and I’m really sorry that I have again let the community down by falling behind of schedule. You all deserve better. We’ll be making some changes and work harder to ensure this pattern does not continue in to the next year. Later today, the island will return to normal and the December Penguin Style will be released along with some construction for the Holiday Party. Thank you for reading.

-Thorn, Club Penguin Rewritten administrator

The transition to a new technology (HTML5) at the end of this year is likely why the party has been cancelled completely rather than just delayed. I appreciate fully that by sharing this news, I’ll be spreading heavy disappointment, and I understand any frustration which may be felt. I can only share what’s been revealed, and unfortunately, that news is the party has been cancelled. The compensation of the Treasure Book code and coins will still be released.

Waddle on!

-Torres 126


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