Community Appreciation – Day #16: Bean1902

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the sixteenth day of Community Appreciation Month! Before I begin, I’d just like to apologise for not posting day fourteen of Community Appreciation Month. It was because I was extremely busy and it definitely is not because I couldn’t be bothered and I was watching YouTube. Moving on, today I have selected Bean1902!


Throughout the last three years, Bean1902 has been a great friend (and helpful – how would I have ever got through the Phoenix Wright games without him) to me. He’s a great friend who handles Splatoon defeats really well! On a more serious note, Bean also helps people with suicidal thoughts in real life, which is amazing of Bean.

To my knowledge, Bean has never really created any Club Penguin content, but the reason which I chose to feature him today was because of how nice he is as a person. You may be wondering why I’m starting to select more people from Penguin Lodge chat. No, I’ve not run out of people to choose (nowhere near) but PL is part of the community too. It’s been a big part of my life over the last three years.

thank you

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