CP Rewritten: Fresh Design for Field-Ops Soon

The EPF and PSA construction concluded a couple of weeks ago, but Field-Ops still haven’t returned to the island yet, although it’s been confirmed that they will eventually.

It’s now further been revealed that when Field-Ops do return, which will be soon, it’ll be present along with a “fresh look”. Here’s what the team said regarding them:

(Field-Ops will) be arriving on the island with a fresh look very soon, we’re trying to figure out how to fit it into our current schedule.

Field-Ops are one of my favourite parts of being an EPF agent, so hopefully they’ll return soon. Thank you for reading, waddle on!

-Torres 126


9 thoughts on “CP Rewritten: Fresh Design for Field-Ops Soon

    • I believe that the team recently said it’s still something they’re working on, so taking their time. No announcement it’s been cancelled (and no announcement it’s close to release!) yet. 🙂

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