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Club Penguin Rewritten has Closed

The moment that we have all dreaded has finally happened, Club Penguin Rewritten has permanently closed. 1,874,992 penguins, 13 amazing months and so many memories later, the experience has partly ended.

When trying to go onto the website now, you will see this heartwarming message.

Every server was full leading up to the moments before this, including safe chat servers. I was lucky to get onto Beanie, Cove before the game lost connection at exactly 14:00 Penguin Standard Time.

It’s a very emotional time for many now, and I am absolutely devastated, but you’ll hear more from me soon. I just felt like I quickly had to make this post. Club Penguin Rewritten has been the perfect game to play and to blog about, and I will definitely miss it.

Waddle on,

-Torres 126


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